Flex 4 Beta Update

The Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 betas have now been out for a few weeks and we’re very excited to see so many folks playing with them, asking questions on the forums, and posting examples of what they’ve done. From the time we first started showing Gumbo we’ve been monitoring feedback, especially around the experience of using the Spark and Halo components together. While we know that in general using both models together is possible, we’ve decided that there are a number of smaller things that we can do (many suggested by you) to make the experience that much better for both new and existing users.

We’ve therefore decided that we need some more time to take your feedback into account, and are going to release a second public beta this fall. This will give us an opportunity to make the enhancements required, and get additional feedback from the community. Given the second beta, we anticipate the release of Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 to move from late 2009 to early 2010.

On the Open Source Flex SDK side, we’re planning to host another open iteration meeting in the next few weeks to discuss all of the changes that we’re considering. We’ll also be looking for feedback on things we can do in our docs and messaging to make sure that users from all backgrounds are successful in adopting Flex 4. Stay tuned here for the announcement of that meeting. And keep using the beta, filing bugs, and communicating with us via the forums!

9 Responses to Flex 4 Beta Update

  1. Angelo M. Rodrigues says:

    Please, Linux Version for Flash Builder!I am development in Flex Builder Alpha and have many problems.

  2. What about the core ASC compiler ?Is it going to be more optimized ?This is the real flaw of Flex/Flash, seriously…When can we expect Beta 2 ?

  3. Ain Tohvri says:

    Microsoft has released their Expression 3 today as well.

  4. I have already developed a project at flash builder for one of my client.In comparison to Flex Builder 3.0, its superb!!But I don’t know if its happening only to me, “Correct Indentation” is not working for me properly or does not work at all.

  5. Matt Chotin says:

    We are always evaluating bugs, so some are fixed in the 3.x branch, others will be addressed in the 4 branch, and still others will be deferred into the future. We encourage you to provide patches too so we might get them in faster!

  6. Jack says:

    What will happen for unclosed bugs with Flex 3?

  7. Ain Tohvri says:

    Yeah, no need to rush even though Silverlight people seriously delude themselves with ideas about their superior platform. There’s so much spouting rubbish about, that I hope you guys will make them a laughing stock by the time version 4 finally ships.One such discussion is here.

  8. This sounds like a great move and I am happy to hear Flash Builder will not be rushed just to get it out the door. I really love a lot of the new features, especially the Unit Testing, and look forward to Beta 2.I hope code templates will make it in!Keep up the good work.

  9. Alan says:

    Thanks for posting the news. I appreciate the team taking the time to interact with the community.