Questions for the Flex Team at MAX

As we do every year at MAX there will be a Meet the Team session on Monday night. This year we’re actually doing 2 sessions back-to-back so that you have the opportunity to go see multiple teams without losing out. We’ll be doing our session as a panel this year, but it’s always good to get a sense of what questions you guys are looking to have answered. Feel free to post comments here or Tweet with #flexmtt if you want us to have an answer prepared for you.

Please note: for some reason our MoveableType config keeps sending a lot of comments to the spam folder and not mailing us. So it may take a day or two for us to get your comment to appear.

3 Responses to Questions for the Flex Team at MAX

  1. flexy says:

    I need to set the gridlines in front the areaseries and behind the barseries in the area chart. Is there any way to do this in flex 3.4

  2. Ed says:

    Sure I have a question I posted this bug (FB-21284) on the jira, and I’m curious as to why the bug was resolved that it won’t be fixed. When Flash Builder 4 is still in beta? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use a STABLE version over a beta?

  3. Dan Carroll says:

    Will Flashbuilder be available in Linux?