Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release

The Flex Builder for Linux alpha bits posted on Adobe Labs have been updated to extend the hardcoded timeout period. The current FB Linux Alpha 4 product will expire on Dec. 1st, 2009, so if you are currently using Flex Builder for Linux be sure to download the updated Alpha 5 bits from Adobe Labs prior to Dec. 1st. There are no changes to the functionality of the product in these new bits; however they have been tested on later versions of Linux distros. Please see the release notes posted on Adobe Labs for complete details.

One Response to Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release

  1. John Mason says:

    First, thanks for doing this. Second, this one also appears to have the expiration date hard coded for a year from now? What is the logic for this? I have a FB3 license, and yet a year from now we may be doing this again?Matt sez: we’ll have more news before then.