Accelerating Flex 3 development using Flash Builder 4

I was talking to a few developers this week and they were telling me that they were really psyched about Flash Builder 4 but were waiting to upgrade. When I asked why, they explained that they were in the middle of Flex 3 projects and didn’t want to transition to the new Flex 4 SDK until they completed the project. I realized that in all of our excitement about Flex 4 and the new Spark component model, that we neglected to let everyone know that 80% of the new features in Flash Builder 4 can help you immediately with your Flex 3 application development. Andrew Shorten just posted a great new article in the Flex Developer Center explaining how to set up Flash Builder 4 so you can continue working on your Flex 3 projects with no disruption while taking advantage of the great new features. This article is a one-stop-shop to learn all things about migration, including both tool and SDK. James Ward also posted a short video where you can see Flash Builder 4 in action working on a Flex 3 project.

Dave Gruber
Flash Builder and Flex Product Marketing Manager

3 Responses to Accelerating Flex 3 development using Flash Builder 4

  1. Deepa Subramaniam says:

    Hi Oscar – When you say “Flex 4 component using TLF” is that a component using new Flex 4 features (ie: a Spark-based component or a component using the new Flex 4 CSS capabilities) in addition to TLF or is it an MX component using TLF? In case you didn’t know, MX components support using TLF.If its the former, ie: a component using Flex 4 features and TLF, then you will have to look into the Marshall Plan in order to load your Flex 4 component into your Flex 3 based application. Marshall Plan is the name of Flex’s cross-versioning support. There is a lot of information about the Marshall Plan here: its the latter, a Flex 3 (or MX) based component using TLF, you can load that into your main Flex 3-based application as a module with no problem.Hope that makes sense -Deepa SubramaniamFlex SDK Product Manager

  2. Dave -Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been looking for an excuse to purchase FB4 but I am at the tail end of a FB 3 project (I hope!) and don’t want to disrupt the flow. However, I’m eager to work with FB 4 so your links provide the perfect excuse!

  3. Oscar says:

    Question: I’m in the middle of a Flex 3 project, and I’m creating a Flex 4 component, using Text Layout framework. Should I have to migrate the whole app to Flex 4 or is there any way to setup my Flex 3 project in Flash builder and load (module) the new Flex 4 component?tks.