Flash Platform Evangelism Kit – now available


I’d like to thank all of you who contacted me through this blog and off line to discuss your points of view on this kit. Your input directly influenced the content and I’m working on the other areas in which you expressed need, so consider this kit the first rev of more revs to come.


Description of the Kit:
The Adobe Flash Platform Evangelism Kit explains the business problems rich Internet applications solve and how the Adobe® Flash® Platform is ideal for building rich Internet applications and content. The kit shows how the Flash Platform fits in existing Enterprise technology stacks and common use cases and customers within the Enterprise. The kit also provides key points that address common questions raised by executives, technology decision makers, and customers. Areas covered include the business case for rich Internet applications, why the Flash Platform is the leading solution, common use cases, customer case studies, facts, statistics and industry points, and more.

Target audience for this content:
The target is to equip developers and anyone else who needs help pitching the platform to customers and technology decision makers.

You can download the kit here

Please keep me posted if this content is helpful or not and how.



5 Responses to Flash Platform Evangelism Kit – now available

  1. Kristen Schofield says:

    Hi Glenn,Thanks for waiting for it. No plans for hard copy at this time.. but the PPT and soon to be posted PDF are print-friendly.Kristen

  2. Kristen Schofield says:

    Hey Tom, I thought it’d be helpful for a couple slides to animate but I am in the process of making those pages static and transitioning to PDF. I’ll repost it here in that format asap.Kristen

  3. Tom Chiverton says:

    Eww. *Powerpoint* ? *Really* ? 🙂

  4. Jean-Christophe TURIN says:

    Really a nice stuff!Thanks sharing it, sure it will help to push decsisions with your stats part ;)Gratz!

  5. Glenn Williams says:

    Hi kristen,Thanks for the heads up. Been waiting for this for a while.Is there by any chance hard copy available?either way, thanks.just downloading now to take a look.regardsglenntinylion uk