Update on Flex SDK “Hero”

I am pleased to announce that we have made the first build of Flex SDK “Hero” available today on the Adobe Open Source site.

The “Hero” release development practices have changed somewhat from the Flex 4 release – the biggest change is that “Hero” is built atop the latest (and as of yet, unreleased) Flash Player and AIR runtimes. Because of this tight coupling, we have been unable to provide nightly builds that showcase in-development Flash Player and AIR features. Once the current in-development Flash Player and AIR runtimes are showcased in a public release, nightly builds will resume. In the interim, we are releasing semi-regular stable builds that showcase “Hero” feature work not dependent on features under development in the latest Flash Player and AIR runtimes – the first of these builds has now been posted!

This build showcases in-development work like the Spark DataGrid (Tier 1), Spark ImageSpark Formenhancements to RSLsOSMF 1.0 integration and the SWF Size Report compiler option. Please download the build and play with the features and provide us feedback through JIRA.

Next, we are also announcing our first “Hero” Open Source Iteration meeting! This meeting is a gathering of the product team and the Flex community where we share work that has been completed in past iterations as well as discuss whats in store for upcoming iterations. The first meeting will be on October 1, 2010. You can find more details here.

And lastly, a collection of new “Hero” feature specifications have been posted! This includes:

We are eager for feedback through commenting on feature specifications and filing bugs in JIRA.


Deepa Subramaniam, Flex SDK Product Manager
(Posted by Andrew on behalf of Deepa due to connectivity issues).

7 Responses to Update on Flex SDK “Hero”

  1. Deepa Subramaniam says:

    @Rich – Currently there are no ASDoc for the special builds of Hero that are posted on the Adobe opensource site. I am investigating ways to provide documentation, stay tuned.

  2. Deepa Subramaniam says:

    @Florian – The Flex 4.1 release in March was the last production release until Hero goes out the door in 2011. We are hoping to have a preview of Hero in developer hands by end of year.

  3. Deepa Subramaniam says:

    @Sam – Sorry, I should have added more context regarding DataGrid and its “Tiers”. We split up the Spark DataGrid work into 2 tiers. Tier 1 functionality consists of a basic functioning, skinnable Spark DataGrid, including: dynamic dataprovider, skinning contract, layout, single and multiple row/cell selection and user navigation support via the mouse and keyboard. Tier 2 functionality will add in more advanced features like column sorting and resizing, cell editing, major performance improvements and polish. Tier 2 is currently underway – but as usual, none of the Tier 2 functionality is set in stone so there may be changes.

  4. Florian says:

    So you’re skipping maintenance releases for the sdk 4.1.x and we’ll have to wait untill the new sdk is released, to see bugs fixed?

    I’m just wondering…

  5. Sam H says:

    Deepa, What does Tier 1 vs Tier 2 mean? With the mid 2011 release contain both Tier 1 and Tier 2 features? Any planned support for Hierarchical data?

  6. Rich Morey says:

    Also, I downloaded the 4.5 SDK but don’t see any documentation. Is there a place to see the latest API docs?

  7. Rich Morey says:

    So is there a beta (or whatever) version of the latest Flash player that will be able to leverage functionality specific to the updated runtimes? Or have those features been disabled in the latest SDK?