Flex Builder for Linux project ending

After a long Labs alpha, Adobe is stopping further development of Flex Builder/Flash Builder running on Linux operating systems. We recognize the importance of the Linux community yet after studying the market opportunity for the sale of a commercial Linux Flex Builder/Flash Builder product, we have decided to direct future development toward new features for Windows and Mac instead of adding additional Linux platform support to the product. Linux developers will still be able to use the Flex SDK from the line command to build and debug Flex applications. Also, please note this decision is specific to Flash Builder and does not affect other Linux activities for other Adobe products. Adobe continues to be committed to providing ongoing support for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for the Linux platform.

Please read the FAQ for more details >>

Dave Gruber

Flash Builder Product Marketing Manager

2 Responses to Flex Builder for Linux project ending

  1. Sanjay says:


    I am in the process of building build system using maven which includes flash build. I prefer to be in Linux. What should be my strategy on this?

    Any pointers will be helpful.


  2. Bruno Fonzi says:

    The Powerflasher team has FDT Eclipse based IDE for Linux on Beta, Register here http://www.fdt.powerflasher.com/developer-tools/fdt/fdt4-beta/download/ to receive the instructions how to install the FDT Linux version