Flex and Flash Builder 4.6 and pre-release

Today we are pleased to announce Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.6, the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development.

Only six months ago we launched Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.5, which included an optimized set of components and workflows to create mobile applications. In the time since then, the market has continued to evolve, especially with the explosion of tablet devices – Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.6, a free update to existing customers due for release later this year, is focused on enabling developers to create expressive mobile and tablet applications across Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Flex 4.6 has several new highly requested components typically used in tablet applications.  It also contains several framework performance improvements which can be realized by simply repackaging your existing application.  Flash Builder 4.6 offers support for Native Extensions and Captive Runtimes – these new features allow you extend your application’s functionality and smooth the install process.

If you would like to know more about Flex 4.6 head over to the Adobe Developer Connection site and read the full article.  Also, be sure to join our pre-release to get early access to Flex 4.6.





3 Responses to Flex and Flash Builder 4.6 and pre-release

  1. a year later and the great effort of Adobe think was forgotten

  2. Flash Builder 4.6 and Aire 3 is a power tool in at world of mobile developer