Flex 4.6 specs posted to opensource.adobe.com

Flex 4.6 is the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development. With a scheduled release date later this year, the new version of Flex SDK will offer several new components and functionality specifically designed to help developers create applications for the latest mobile and tablet devices.

Flex SDK 4.6 was governed by three main goals:

  • New components
  • Better performance
  • Updated platform support

For more information, refer to the What’s new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6 by Jacob Surber.

Though the Flex 4.6 SDK will be released only in the coming months, the team has posted the Specs for the new components out on opensource.adobe.com. You can access these specs at the Flex 4.6 SDK page.

Raghu Thricovil (@rthricov)
Product Manager, Flex SDK, Adobe

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