A Great Ending To 2011

I am pleased to announce that Flex as been accepted into the Apache Incubator. With weekends and holidays, I suspect that it will still be several days before we get up and running with mailing lists, bug base, source control, etc, so we continue to appreciate your patience. However, I’m really looking forward to 2012 and beyond, and I hope you are too.


8 Responses to A Great Ending To 2011

  1. havanna says:

    Congrats to the great team of this blog. Will follow all the innovations announced here.

  2. Franklin says:

    I know that Adobe worked together with Windows Phone Team, in order to enable native applications, I see Microsoft and Adobe can extend OS support for AIR into windowsphone, will be great for Adobe and Microsoft.

  3. Dany Dhondt says:

    Thanks Alex for keeping us up to date. This is great news.

  4. Shivang says:

    Hello Alex,hope you are doing well.Can you please let us know what will be the outcome of this collaboration of flex with apache.I myself also a flex developer so having so much will to know this

    • Alex Harui says:

      The outcome will be whatever the Flex community can work together to create. Once we get the mailing lists and bug base set up, make your voice heard and contribute however you can.

      • Shivang says:

        Hi Alex,
        Me and my colleague are curious about the new thing that will be added to the framework..Please let us know about some of the new functionality or components or anything you can share with us that will be added by apache or adobe.

  5. Franklin says:

    This looks ok, however until Microsoft put more efforts into Silvertlight (http://www.silverlight.net/learn/overview/what's-new-in-silverlight-5/silverlight-5-release-overview) Adobe is starting to quickoff Flex.

  6. congratulations, yup it’s a good way to end a crazy year 😉