An Update on Flex

I wanted to share a brief update on where we are with our preparation of proposals for incubation of Flex SDK and BlazeDS to the Apache Software Foundation as well as our commitment to engaging with the Flex community further.

Regarding the incubation proposals, we have received all of the necessary Adobe legal clearance in order to contribute the full Flex SDK (including MXML compiler, automation libraries and data visualization components) to Apache. As such we have a draft incubation proposal for Flex SDK prepared and are aiming to post that to the Apache incubation mailing list within the next 1-2 weeks. Once the proposal has been posted, the normal process is that community members review the proposal for a period of time (normally 72 hours) after which the ASF votes. A positive vote means the project has been accepted as an incubation podling into Apache. Keep an eye out on this blog for regular status updates, including a link to the proposal once its been posted to the Apache incubation mailing list.

As for BlazeDS, at this time we are still working on legal clearance but aim to have that before the end of the year such that we can post the BlazeDS incubation proposal to the Apache mailing list at the start of the new year.

In order to better facilitate discussion with our broad developer community, next Monday (12/12/11) and Tuesday (12/13/11) Adobe is hosting a Flex Community Summit where we are inviting a number of Flex community leaders and enterprise developers to participate in a discussion on a variety of topics. We will be discussing the recent announcements regarding Flex and the Flash Platform as well as educating all attendees about the Apache process and what it takes for a project to thrive within Apache. Unfortunately, due to budget, we were unable to invite everyone we would have liked to the summit. Most of the summit sessions and ensuing discussions will be video-taped and posted publicly after the summit. Additionally, we are working on a Flex Whitepaper that we will publish on the Adobe Developer Center which will recap much of the content covered in the summit.

And lastly, in order to replicate the same discussions that will happen at the summit, we are organizing a multi-city international Flex User Group tour that we are looking to kick off in early 2012.

We’ll be sure to share regular updates on this blog as the Apache proposals progress, the Flex Community Summit content is posted and cities/dates are finalized for the 2012 Flex User Group tour.

Deepa Subramaniam
Group Product Manager, Adobe