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Flash Builder Plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Gateway going away in April

A little over a year ago the Flash Builder 4.5 plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Gateway was published as a beta on Adobe Labs (at  As a research beta, the plug-in only works with older versions of Flash Builder (4.5 and 4.6).  The plug-in was never shipped as an official product, and isn’t going to be developed further – we’ve discussed open-sourcing the project with the code owners but this is unfortunately not going to be possible.

If you still rely on this research project, please grab the bits now – as part of routine cleanup it will be disappearing off of Labs in April 2013.

Apache Flex 4.9.0 Released!

The Apache Flex project has announced the release of Apache Flex 4.9.0.  See their blog post

As you can see, Apache is continuing to improve the Flex SDK.


Flash Builder 4.7 now shipping

If you didn’t already catch the announcement as part of the Adobe Gaming Sneak Peek or the Game Developer Tools launch, Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 is now available.  With the 4.7 release, Flash Builder adds support for Apache Flex 4.8, ActionScript Concurrency (new in Flash Player 11.4), better development workflows for AIR for iOS apps, and the latest ActionScript compiler (ASC2).

Flash Builder 4.7 is also compatible with the latest beta of AIR 3.6 and Flash Player 11.6 – just follow the instructions on how to install the latest AIR SDK with ASC2.

Flash Builder 4.7 is a complimentary upgrade from Fb 4.5 and Fb 4.6.  If you’re a Creative Cloud user, download and install Fb 4.7 from the Creative Cloud site.  If you have a retail copy of Fb 4.5 or 4.6, you’ll need a new serial key to install 4.7 – get this via the official request form.  If you’re a volume licensing customer, contact your Adobe licensing representative.

Update Jan 17, 2013 : A few people have reported not receiving a Fb 4.7 upgrade after submitting a request via the official request form.  If you’re in the same situation, here are a couple things to check.  First, if you never received a confirmation email after submitting a request, it’s likely that your spam filter is blocking email from Adobe support.  If you received a confirmation but not a license key, note that we’re sending keys to the email address that was registered with the original Fb 4.5 license (not the email address submitted via the form.)

Still having trouble? Tell us in the comments (with a valid email address, please!) and we’ll help troubleshoot.