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Win $10,000 With eBay Widget Contest

Have you tried the eBay AIR application and thought you could do better? Here’s your chance. eBay is launching a widget contest for Flash and Flex developers with the chance to win one of five $10 K prizes. The contest starts January 15th and runs until February 22nd. Get more details from the contest site, and bookmark the page to enter on the 15th.

– Mike Potter

More Flex Camps Around The World

It seems like every day we have more and more people wanting to organize Flex Camps around the world. Following successful Flex Camp events in San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, and other cities.

Flex Camp Chicago and Flex Camp Sofia, Bulgaria, are set to go in January. Both are all day events – Flex Camp Chicago on Friday, January 18th and Flex Camp Sofia on Thursday, January 17th. If you’re in either of those two cities, sign up today and learn more about Flex and AIR at Flex Camp.

– Mike Potter

Flex Beta 3 Released – And More Good News

The final beta of Flex 3 has been released on Labs. This new release focuses on overall quality and performance, providing a final look at Flex Builder 3 and Adobe AIR prior to launch. There is also a new release of the Adobe AIR runtime. Get them while they’re hot!

We also announced the opening of the AMF specification (download the AMF spec) and a new, open source product called Blaze DS. Blaze DS is “the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex™ and Adobe AIR™ applications for more responsive rich Internet application (RIA) experiences.” Ever wanted to build an RIA that included real time data? Now you can, with a completely open source based solution. (Download Blaze DS now.)

The release of Blaze DS follows our other open source initiatives, like the open sourcing of the Tamarin virtual machine to Mozilla, and the Flex framework, compiler and debugger.

Learn Flex with Bruce Eckel and James Ward in Michigan

Bruce Eckel is hosting a 3 day RIA Jam in Ann Arbor, Michigan January 14th to 16th. Join Bruce and James Ward and learn about developing RIAs with Flex. Here’s how Bruce describes a Jam: “When musicians have a jam, they get together and explore music without knowing exactly where they will end up. When programmers have a jam, they get together and explore new technologies in the same way. A programming jam is a very informal workshop to explore and learn about a particular technology. It’s better and more fun than struggling with it by yourself.” You can sign up for the three day RIA Jam online – the cost is $400 before January 2nd and $500 after January 2nd.

More Community Components Surfacing

This is turning out to be Flex component week. First a link on DZone to a spreadsheet component that is being written for Flex. Then, two emails arrived in my inbox from people who wanted components listed on The first was an open source community project called Flexed run by Uday Shankar. You can check out the four Flex components in the project or read the Flexed component blog.

The second was an email from Jim Rutherford, who has written the ThumbBrowser component. This is similar to what you’ve seen from Apple and their .Mac service lately, where you have a single image shown and when you move your mouse to the left or right other images appear. Check out the demo online and then read the blog entry for links to the source code.

The last two, Flexed Toolkit and ThumbBrowser, have been added to the Flex components page on

Cool New Flex Components

I received two emails on the weekend informing me of components to add to the Flex components page on The first was from Connect Studios, who have released 2 more components for free download from their website. Flex a form, which Flex Auto Form Build Component which makes building forms easier, and the Flex auto complete component which adds auto complete support to form fields. The second email was from Flex Monster, who have written a pivot table component for Flex applications. If you have components to add, check out the Flex components page and then submit your own to be added.

– Mike Potter

Thanks New Toronto Group – Flex Camp Was Great!

Flex Camp Toronto was held last Thursday night. The team at the New Toronto Group put on a great show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, and over 170 people came out to listen to a number of talks about Flex, including presentations on Cairngorm, Flex and PHP, and 3 great community sessions. Visitors to the event received copies of the O’Reilly book Programming Flex 2, along with Flex Camp t-shirts and information on the Toronto Flex user group and training from New Toronto Group.

I have posted the keynote slides on the page. As a reminder, the files for the hands on PHP and Flex session are also available online.

If you are interested in hosting your own Flex Camp event, please contact me by email.

– Mike Potter

Flex cookbook from O’Reilly – call for more topics

Hello everyone,

Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George are all hard at work on the print version of the Flex 3 Cookbook for O’Reilly Media. They’re writing new recipes and incorporating some of your recipes from the online Adobe Flex Cookbook. Get yours in now!

Deadlines are Nov 15 and Jan 1 for the topics. Check out the complete list of topics in my original post.

I’ll be updating that list with these ideas, which just arrived in my inbox from Josh today!

– Accessibility and Creating Accessible Components Module
– RSL library tricks, advice, recipes (I think we’ve got a pretty good range of stuff there but I’m sure we missed something and it is a big topic).
– Working with Bitmaps, BitmapData, and Images

Best of luck to you in getting into the O’Reilly print book!


Flex Camp Boston – Nearly Sold Out

I’ve heard that Flex Camp Boston is nearly sold out, so if you’re in the Boston area and interested in Flex you should definitely sign up quickly. The event lasts all day and includes food, along with sessions from members of the Flex team, including newly acquired ‘Adobians’ from Buzzword. The complete agenda and speakers are posted online. The event is scheduled for December 7th from 8 AM to 5 PM at Bentley College in Boston.

– Mike Potter

Flex Builder Reduced Pricing Now On

The new reduced price for Flex Builder is now available on the online store, and is also reflected on the Flex product page. As a reminder, Flex Builder is now available for $249 US. Similar price reductions should be in effect on all the international stores as well.