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Get Flex Certified at MAX

It took us too long to get the Flex 3 certification exam up and running, but it’s here now and we’re offering it at a 33% discount at MAX.

Info can be found here if you
scroll down to the 2nd item from the bottom.

The exam prep guide for Flex can be found here while you can get information on all available exams and study guides here.

Show us your apps at MAX

Often when I’m at conferences, MAX in particular, I get asked “hey, do you have sec for me to show you my app?” Sometimes people have questions, but often they just want Adobe to see our technology put to good use. It’s always very exciting for me, I’ve learned about some truly incredible apps this way.

Well this year we’re taking it to a new level at MAX. In the Adobe section of the community pavilion there is a Developer Spotlight station whose whole purpose is for you to take a few minutes and show off your app. I’ll be there Monday in the late afternoon, and other product managers, evangelists, product marketing managers, and Adobe staff will be staffing it throughout the day to make sure there’s plenty of time for us to learn about what you’re doing. We’ll also have information for how you can get your application promoted to an even wider audience.

Of course, we already have a good article by Mike Potter that talks about some of the things you can do to promote your Flex application to the public. But if you’re at MAX, make sure to stop by and share the love with us directly!

Flex Developer Survey for Data Visualization

Do you visualize data with your Flex app, or do you think you will some day? Put another way, do you use charts or data grids?

Please take this survey!

Flex and Flash Player 10

It’s an exciting day as Flash Player 10 was released to the world. There are lots of cool features related to expressiveness, audio/video, and performance. But what if you aren’t a Flash CS4 user, what if you use Flex to build your Flash applications?

Never fear, Flex 3.2 is on the way! There are nightly builds of 3.2 available now that have the debug version of Player 10 along with configuration files and playerglobal.swc so that you can leverage new features. These SDKs additionally include nightly builds of the AIR 1.5 SDK, which means you can begin testing how you would leverage FP10 features in AIR.

We are waiting until the final build of AIR 1.5 before we officially release 3.2 (and we will have an updater for Flex Builder at the same time). This is still a little ways off. But go ahead and use the nightly build in the meantime! We do have some instructions for using the updated Player with Flex Builder but they may be a little out of date. It will be seamless with FB 3.0.2.

Updated RSL for Flex Data Visualization 3.0.1

Due to a bug in our signing process it appears the cacheable RSL for the datavisualization components in Flex Builder doesn’t work in 3.0.1. We have updated the RSL and made it available here. Go ahead and replace it in your Flex Builder 3.0.1 installation and you’ll hopefully be set.

This week’s Gumbo specs posted

A new round of specs are posted on the Gumbo site. Check out the revised Gumbo Component Architecture whitepaper, the Gumbo Skinning overview, along with specs on the Range, Track Base, Slider, Spinner, and Numeric Stepper classes.

Flex 3 Wins Best of Open Source Award

We are very pleased that Flex 3 has won Best Open Source developer tool for RIAs as part of InfoWorld’s Best of Open Source Software Awards.

Help us continue to be the best by staying connected on the Flex Open Source site and contributing in the various ways we have listed.

Gumbo Docs and Specs pushed this week

MXML 2009 (update to MXML)


More Information on Next Version of Flex SDK

Today we’ve pushed a lot more information on the next version of the Flex SDK, code name Gumbo. If you check out the Gumbo page on the open source site you’ll find the following:

  • An updated overview on the themes of the release
  • A recorded presentation by Matt outlining the release
  • A whitepaper describing the updated component architecture
  • Specifications for a number of features

Additionally, we have pushed a whole bunch of source into the public repository. We had kept it private partly because it was using Flash Player 10 which we couldn’t talk about for a while, and partly because there was a huge amount of churn and we wanted to have the whitepaper and other presentations ready so that everything would make sense.

We hope you’ll peruse at your leisure and talk to us about it on the open source forums!

Note: the first nightly build using all the new stuff may not be available until tomorrow.

Contribute to the Flex SDK

Now that the source for the Flex SDK has been available for 3 months I’ve already seen plenty of folks taking advantage and building cool projects. But I believe there are probably plenty of people who would like to make some contributions and don’t know where to start. JIRA to the rescue! We’ve set up a list of bugs that we think are perfect candidates for folks from the community to look into, just go find a bug that looks interesting and start fixing (put a comment in the bug to say you’re looking into it).

Additionally we’ve got a little incentive program going! For every 3 patches that we accept, we’ll buy an Adobe-related book for you off of your Amazon wish list. And for the first two people who submit 10 patches that we accept, we’re going to pay for their MAX ticket!

Please check out the Flex 3 Contributions page for more information.