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Available Flex 4 Books

Often books are used as a measure of success for a technology platform. For instance, O’Reilly used to publish a bi-yearly report on the state of the technology book market. (They may still, though I can’t find one more recent than last year.)

And since today I received an email letting me know that a new book called “Effortless Flex 4 Development” was released (written by Larry Ullman, a well known author of many technology books), I decided to check Amazon to see how many Flex 4 books have been released.

A quick search for “flex 4” yielded 18 results for published and soon to be published books on Flex 4, plus one curiously titled “Handbook of School-Gymnastics of the Swedish System” (Note to Amazon: you may want to work on your search algorithm.)

The highest rated book is from Adobe: Adobe Flex 4: Training from the Source, Volume 1. The second highest is the Flex 4 Cookbook: Real-world recipes for developing Rich Internet Applications (Oreilly Cookbooks), based on recipies from the Adobe Developer Connection Cookbook site. Either of them would be great books for someone looking to come up to speed on Flex development.

There are 67 books available for Flex 3, which has been out for about 2 1/2 years. Flex 4 books are already nearly 1/3 of the way to that total, only 6 months into release.

Learn Flex, Flash Builder 4, Flash Catalyst and more next week

Interested in working more closely with a designer? Interested in building applications for Android based mobile devices? Interested in connecting your Flex applications to Java, PHP or ColdFusion servers? If you’re interested in any of these topics (or others), then check out Adobe Developer Week.

Adobe Developer Week is a week long set of e-seminars next week that go over all those topics and more. The sessions will be presented by members of the Adobe evangelism team including Ben Forta, Kevin Hoyt and Ryan Stewart, Lee Brimelow, James Ward, and Christophe Coenraets, and the Flex product team including Andrew Shorten, Deepa Subramaniam and Ely Greenfield and other very talented people at Adobe.

Flex developers will be most interested in the following sessions, but be sure to check out the whole list so you don’t miss anything:
New features in the Flex 4 framework
New features in Flash Builder 4
What’s new in Flash Builder for Java developers
Building a basic CRUD application with Zend AMF and Flex 4
Advanced features in Flex

Adobe Developer Week 2010 logo All the sessions will be recorded and posted online. If you’d like to help us spread the word about developer week, you can use the following code to embed the invitation image into your blog:
<a href=””><img src=”×74/adobe_developer_week_2010.jpg” alt=”Adobe Developer Week 2010 logo” width=”214″ height=”74″ /></a>

Tell Zend about PHP development

Our friends at Zend are looking for more information about how PHP developers use front-end design and development tools like Flash, Flex and Ajax. The results of the survey will help shape future solutions from Adobe and Zend.

Take their online survey to and then be entered in a drawing to win a free Macbook.

Your Feedback Requested on Flex / ActionScript Posters

We’re working on updating the Flex 3 and ActionScript posters for Flex 4 and would love your opinion on how they’re being used. With the addition of the Spark component set for Flex 4, we think that there may be too many classes now to put all the information on one set of posters (the existing set is 5 posters for all Flex, AIR and Flash Player packages.)

What’s your opinion? What do you use the posters for? Would it be OK for just the class names on the posters, and then use the ActionScript 3 API guide for details? I’d love your opinion on how you use the posters so we can make them even better for Flex 4.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the posters and would like a set, fill out the form and have a set mailed to you for free.)

Free Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst e-Seminars Next Week

We have three free online seminars next week that will walk through the new features of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst for you. Next Tuesday we’ll have a session for PHP developers, on Wednesday we have a session on Flash Catalyst, and on Thursday we have a session for ColdFusion developers. Get more information on the seminars, and others that we have planned in the upcoming months.

Adobe Wins Big at Ajax World

Adobe won 3 awards at Ajax World this week. Flex won for the best SDK and best open source RIA solution, while best rich Internet platform went to the Flash Platform. You can read more about it at SysCon. Thanks to everyone in the Flash and Flex community for helping make Flex such an important part of the Flash Platform. With the open bug database, daily builds of the Flex SDK and feedback from our early betas on Labs, every community member plays a big role in the success of the Flash Platform.

Zend Releases Zend Framework 1.7 with AMF Support

In all the excitement last week at Adobe MAX, we failed to highlight a major release for PHP developers from Zend. Zend Framework 1.7 was released last week – this is the first version of the framework that includes AMF support, making it really easy for PHP developers to build great UIs using Flex and Flash.

The latest version also includes support for a new version of the Dojo Toolkit (1.2.1), among other improvements.

The Zend AMF plugin has been packaged as a separate download – allowing it to be integrated into other PHP web frameworks easily.

For more information on starting with Flex and PHP, check out the PHP page on the Flex developer center.

Flex Camp Boston

Flex Camp Boston is a full day event featuring industry experts from both inside and outside Adobe. Building on the hugely successful event from last year, the team at Universal Mind have come up with an amazing set of speakers this year, including Tim Buntel from Adobe, Oscar Cortes from BrightCove, Mike Nimer from Digital Primates and more. The event runs from 8 AM to 5 PM on December 12th, and is only $30 if you register before December 1st ($40 after).

If you’re in the Boston area, and build applications using Adobe Flex, this is one event that you won’t want to miss.

Missed the Flex and Zend e-Seminar? No Problem.

Did you miss last week’s Flex and Zend e-Seminar? That’s not a problem – we recorded the session using Acrobat Connect and have posted it online.

If you have questions about using Flex and the Zend Framework and want them answered in person, there will be another session about using Flex and the Zend AMF module in the Zend Framework on November 12th at 10 AM PT. Lee Brimelow and Zend AMF contributor Wade Arnold will be delivering the session.

Purchase Flex Builder for MAX Discount

If you purchase Flex Builder 3 Professional (or ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition)before November 14th, you’ll receive $400 off the regular full event pass to MAX North America, or 240 Euros off of the regular price for MAX Europe. Follow the following steps to receive your Adobe MAX registration discount:

1. Visit the MAX registration website.

2. When registering, select “Yes, I have a registration code”.

3. Enter the following registration code: PDB891.

4. Complete the steps for online registration.

Legal Notes: Offer good for new Adobe MAX 2008 registrations only. Offer good for Adobe MAX North America and Adobe MAX Europe full event pass registration only. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, package or registration code. Only one product purchase at full retail value qualifies and only the following Adobe development products qualify for this promotion: ColdFusion 8 Enterprise, ColdFusion 8 Standard, and Flex Builder 3 Professional. Offer valid for qualifying purchases made between October 1, 2008 and November 14, 2008. Product registration and Adobe MAX registration must both be complete by 11:59 pm PDT November 14, 2008. Terms and conditions for Adobe MAX registrations will also apply. Offer is not transferrable and valid only for individual product registrant in possession of a valid purchase confirmation. Education, OEM, NFR, and volume licensing customers are not eligible. Void where prohibited.