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Flex in a Week – Day 4 posted and exercises fixed

I know that a lot of you have been anxiously waiting for the remaining training. We just posted day 4. There is a lot of content for day 4 so this will take you longer to go through than the previous days. We have also incorporated your feedback to fix the exercises. We also have some of the day 5 videos ready but we are waiting till we have everything for day 5 available. My best guess is that day 5 will be available by end of next week. Day 5 will be all videos and will probably not be as long as the first 4 days.

I also want to give you some perspective on the delays. Creating training of this quality and size is very time consuming. When we had the first three days, we had a choice of waiting for all the training or posting what we had. We went with the second option. This has given us a chance to incorporate your feedback. Given the number of people who have gone through the first three days, we think we made the right choice by posting what we had.

Please continue to give us feedback. We are reading it though we may not be able to respond to each and every comment.

Adobe Student Reps for RIAs

Adobe is looking for Adobe Student Reps for RIAs. Adobe Student Reps receive community recognition, speaking opportunities in some Adobe sponsored events, access to Adobe resources (presentation slides, information posters, contact with AIR and Flex team) and some funding available for approved events. If you are a passionate about RIAs and willing to help your classmates to know more about RIA technologies, you should consider joining this program. This is a great opportunity to get to know the Adobe team and to network with other reps.

The application form is available here. Note that you must be registered and logged onto to view and fill this form.

Upgrade now and get your August 2008 Flex t-shirt

We are offering a free limited edition t-shirt to the first 500 people who upgrade to Flex Builder 3 starting August 1, 2008. Hurry and purchase the upgrade from the Adobe store to get your t-shirt. We hope that this will give you the extra push to upgrade soon and have access to the latest features of Flex Builder and the Flex framework.

Note that you must purchase the upgrade from the Adobe store to be eligible for this offer. After you purchase the upgrade, you will receive an email giving you further instructions on how you can specify the gender and size for the t-shirt.

Flex in a Week is available

Flex in a Week is a week-long, video based online training program for developers. This self-paced program is free and is intended to help developers accelerate their Flex learning. The training will eventually be a full 5-day program, however we are launching with the first three days which will provide developers with enough learning to get them started using Flex. We will complete the remaining two days of content over the coming weeks.

Please help us promote this valuable new training resource by blogging about it and by including a link in your email signatures. This program should play a key role in increasing Flex adoption.

We are also looking for feedback. Please let us know what you think of this training.