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Announcing the ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder

We are very excited to share with the ActionScript community an ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder 4. This plugin provides an Eclipse perspective that allows you to start/stop the code coverage tool, view generated code-coverage reports, examine source code and save/load reports. Typically developers will use the code coverage tool to see which areas of code have not been exercised during execution so that additional testing requirements can be identified.

The tool provides detailed line coverage and method coverage reporting, as well as highlighting classes that are not linked into the application. You can use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in for Flash Builder with applications developed in ActionScript 3, optionally using either Flex SDK 3.x or Flex SDK 4.x, targeting both Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIRĀ®. A trial or licensed version of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium is required to use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in.

You can access the plugin on Adobe Labs here, read documentation around using and configuring the code-coverage tool, and provide feedback via the code-coverage forum.

Blueprint Flash Builder Plug-in for Code Examples Released on Adobe Labs

If you’re curious as to how you can query code examples inline from your development environment, Blueprint is definitely worth your while. Blueprint was released last week on Adobe Labs with support for Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4.

[via Flex Doc Team blog]

Blueprint is an innovative code-centric search application, initially delivered as an Eclipse plug-in. It is a custom search tool that searches only for code (for now, it searches just for MXML and ActionScript). So, for example, if you search for DataGrid, it returns a set of code examples that use the Flex DataGrid control. But what’s really cool is that you can easily highlight, copy, and paste chunks of code right into your application, all without leaving Flex/Flash Builder.

For more information, please see the Blueprint site on Adobe Labs and you can find more examples here.

Advanced Data Visualization with ILOG Elixir

Flex is great for a variety of rich Internet applications, but one of the most popular types of apps that developers build are data visualization applications. Flex ships with a number of data visualization components, but sometimes customers need something more than what we provide. ILOG Elixir is set of advanced data visualization components built for advanced Flex apps. Yesterday we pushed a new page on the Flex developer center live to give more information about ILOG and what the components can do. Check out the ILOG page on the Flex developer center for more information about ILOG, and if you haven’t downloaded their Flex components, you can try them out for free.

New Pivot Component in Alpha

Satish from the Flex team has been working on expanding the logic available in our OLAPDataGrid to help provide an example of a Pivot Component, similar to what you’d see in Excel. It’s in alpha quality, but is a great example of the power of the Flex Data Visualization Components.

Check it out and provide feedback!

Another Spell Checking Component

Bruce Deen has created a spell checking component that “provides spell checking capability for Adobe Flex 2.0 RichTextEditor and TextArea components.” He is making the software available as donation ware, so if you like it and use it, be sure to donate some money to him.

The component has been added to the Flex components page on

– Mike Potter

More Community Components Surfacing

This is turning out to be Flex component week. First a link on DZone to a spreadsheet component that is being written for Flex. Then, two emails arrived in my inbox from people who wanted components listed on The first was an open source community project called Flexed run by Uday Shankar. You can check out the four Flex components in the project or read the Flexed component blog.

The second was an email from Jim Rutherford, who has written the ThumbBrowser component. This is similar to what you’ve seen from Apple and their .Mac service lately, where you have a single image shown and when you move your mouse to the left or right other images appear. Check out the demo online and then read the blog entry for links to the source code.

The last two, Flexed Toolkit and ThumbBrowser, have been added to the Flex components page on

Cool New Flex Components

I received two emails on the weekend informing me of components to add to the Flex components page on The first was from Connect Studios, who have released 2 more components for free download from their website. Flex a form, which Flex Auto Form Build Component which makes building forms easier, and the Flex auto complete component which adds auto complete support to form fields. The second email was from Flex Monster, who have written a pivot table component for Flex applications. If you have components to add, check out the Flex components page and then submit your own to be added.

– Mike Potter

Flex Toolkit Available at eBay

The eBay Developer Network has announced the availability of an Flex Toolkit for eBay. From their blog, “The Flex Toolkit is an ActionScript library which enables a Flex application to integrate with the eBay platform. It written in ActionScript 3 and is built on top of the eBay Shopping API. The toolkit allows applications to search for items, get item details and get current information about an item’s status.
The Flex Toolkit can be used to develop desktop applications or widgets/gadgets that can be deployed to a website. To download the toolkit or to get more information, visit the Flash Developer Center or the Flex Toolkit Developer Center.”

Enjoy. Now you can build a competitor to San Dimas, the eBay AIR application.

– Mike

The Flex Team’s Component Plans

There have been requests for public guidance on what components Adobe will be releasing in the future, especially since there are developers who would like to make or extend components on their own without then having Adobe duplicate their efforts. In that spirit we’d like to share our current thinking.

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Component: Docking Toolbar

The Docking Toolbar is now available on the Adobe Flex Exchange (click the Exchange link if the direct component link doesn’t seem to work). You may post questions and feedback in the comments here and the authors will try to respond.