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Flash Roadmap Posted to ADC

Following quickly on the heels of the Flex White Paper, you can now find on the ADC the Adobe Roadmap for the Flash Runtimes.  The Flash white paper provides an overview of the Flash runtimes and a roadmap for their development.  This will give you some insight into our current thinking and plans around Flash functionality in the Flash Player and AIR over the next one to two years.

Between these two white papers you should have a much clearer understanding of our current plans and intentions for Flex and Flash.

Be sure to come to a meeting of our Flex User Group Tour 2012 when it comes to a city near you.  You can check some of the earlier posts outlining the European and North American tour dates.

Alan Greenblatt
Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe

Flex Cookbook – new book & updated site

O’Reilly Media has released the print version of Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers this week! Get your copy from Amazon.

The authors, Josh Noble and Todd Anderson selected recipes from the live Adobe Flex cookbook site to add to the print copy. Thank you to all of our contributors for your contributions to the site. Keep sharing your recipes, feel the thrill of helping fellow developers and you could end up in a future version of the print cookbook!

As well, today, we released a re-skinned version of the Flex Cookbook site at With this release, we created a wider format Flex cookbook, improving the readability of code within cookbook recipes and in the composing recipe page. We hope you enjoy it!

New search/commenting for Adobe Flex Developer Center

Yesterday, we launched a couple of exciting new enhancements on the Adobe Developer Connection, specifically in the Flex Developer Center.

A new community-powered search is the first enhancement. The community powered search is designed to help people find the best answer to their question, no matter where the answer may reside. If the best answer is on someone’s blog in the community, that’s the answer we want to help people find. This will not replace the existing search on, but will be available as a new beta search. There is a team of Flex advisors who are adding URLs/domains to this search on an ongoing basis.

We have also added the ability for users to add comments to Flex Developer Center content. As most of you know, we’ve had commenting on Adobe Livedocs for a while. This is the next generation of commenting, in that the commenting functionality across these two different places is integrated. The intent of commenting is to gather feedback and deliver the best possible content; by integrating the commenting, and who reviews and acts on those comments we can strive to be as consistent as possible across content on Again, there is a team of Flex advisors moderating comments, and Hong Qiu and I will be moderating the Flex Developer Center comments. Note that all posted comments go live immediately, however, where there is inappropriate content, the moderators will scrub as needed. The coolest part is that authors can monitor comments on their articles by subscribing to the RSS feed (see link below) for Flex Developer Center.

You can see these enhancements on the Flex Developer Center: To find the new features:
• Flex community-powered search: Look in the right-nav in the Flex DC, and you will see the “Search Community-Powered Help” form field.
• Commenting: Browse to any article in the Flex Developer Center, and you will see the option to add your comment. Also, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for comments for the Flex Developer Center to see all comments, anytime:

We encourage you to try these new enhancements and send any feedback. The search results page that gets returned will have a link to a feedback survey at the top right of the page.

Happy searching and commenting!

Amy Wong
Developer Relations
Manager, Content community and applications

New Flex cookbooks release

The Adobe Developer Connection released an update of the Flex cookbooks today. Some of the changes include:

  • Ratings: The average rating for each cookbook post is calculated now by mathematic average for the cookbook post (the sum of the ratings, divided by the number of ratings). The Top posts are listed in an order based on a Bayesian calculation, which takes into account all ratings for all posts in the cookbook, and is sometimes called a “weighted rating.” Learn more about Bayesian methods from Wikipedia.

  • We added warnings for Safari users to use either FireFox and IE. Unfortunately the cookbook recipe form does not work with Safari right now. We hope to remedy that situation in an upcoming release.
  • We fixed the Comments RSS feed.
  • We added a new FAQ page.
  • Various bug fixes for the launch.

Thank you to all of the authors who contributed content for the Flex 3 launch – it’s great to see the great content contributions!

Amy Wong
Adobe Developer Connection

O’Reilly call for technical editors

Thanks everybody for your support and eagerness to participate in Adobe Developer Library projects!

Since we put the call out on Friday (January 25th) afternoon, O’Reilly received over two dozen inquiries. Over the course of the next couple weeks O’Reilly will be contacting and vetting reviewers and getting them on to projects; they’ll be contacting everyone one way or another, so they don’t want folks to worry about not hearing from them.


previous message (posted 1/25):

Calling all technical editors:

Want to contribute to the creation of a Flex book, but don’t have time to write? O’Reilly is looking for tech reviewers for a few upcoming Flex book projects (Flex 3 cookbook and Programming Flex 3, and other possible future books). If you’re experienced in the Flex development or app-design environment, contact Steve Weiss, at steve at

Best of luck to you!


Amy Wong
Senior Technical Editor
Adobe Developer Connection

Flex cookbook from O’Reilly – call for more topics

Hello everyone,

Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George are all hard at work on the print version of the Flex 3 Cookbook for O’Reilly Media. They’re writing new recipes and incorporating some of your recipes from the online Adobe Flex Cookbook. Get yours in now!

Deadlines are Nov 15 and Jan 1 for the topics. Check out the complete list of topics in my original post.

I’ll be updating that list with these ideas, which just arrived in my inbox from Josh today!

– Accessibility and Creating Accessible Components Module
– RSL library tricks, advice, recipes (I think we’ve got a pretty good range of stuff there but I’m sure we missed something and it is a big topic).
– Working with Bitmaps, BitmapData, and Images

Best of luck to you in getting into the O’Reilly print book!


Call for topics for the Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media

Here’s your chance to have your cookbook recipe considered for the print version of the Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media!

Imagine that, your name immortalized in one of O’Reilly’s “animal” books!

As you might already know, the online version of the Adobe Flex Cookbook at is a place where you can share and get code recipes (solutions) to common development questions. It was created in partnership with O’Reilly Media with the idea to make the community inclusive to the print-version of the book, as well as be an online repository for coding solutions that the community could use at any time.

Now is your chance to be considered for the print cookbook! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to

  2. Post your recipe. Consider posting a recipe based on one of the suggested topics below by the deadline mentioned. (This list came from the Flex 3 Cookbook authors (Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George), who are writing furiously, and are in the process of deciding which entries from the online cookbook will be included. Will it be yours? I hope so!).
  3. In the online cookbook recipe form, select “yes” to O’Reilly opt-in question, this allows O’Reilly to contact you about your recipe, as we always want to respect your privacy.
  4. That’s it–the authors (Josh, Todd, Abey) will consider your post for the print cookbook. They’ll let you know if they are considering your post, they’ll contact you directly, and/or suggest changes to get it ready for publication!

Call for topics in the Flex cookbook (online version):

    Deadline: By 15 November 2007
      TileList and Tree:
    • Drag and Drop TileLists
    • TileList effects
    • Tree effects/images

    • Filtering collections
    • Sorting XML, XMLCollections, XMLListCollections Using Remote data sources for a collection

    Deadline: By 1 January 2008
    • Creating custom chart renderers
    • Creating effects for Charts
    • Drag and Srop chart items in a chart

      Services and ServerSide communication:
    • Using messaging with LiveCycle
    • Using data-push techniques with Flex 3
    • Flex-Ajax bridge

      Unit Testing:
    • General topics, pretty much anything would be interesting

    • Internationalization strategies
    • Using non-alphabetic character sets
    • Accessibility issues

      Other ideas
    • Programmatic Skinning recipes
    • Any clever Scale-9 ideas
    • Any AdvancedDataGrid recipes
    • Any OLAGrid recipes
    • Anything really clever with Javascript Integration (comment from Joshua: I’d love to get some more of that stuff in the book because I think it’s going to be really important going forward.)
    • Printing tricks and tips
    • Accessibility and Creating Accessible Components Module
    • RSL library tricks, advice, recipes (I think we’ve got a pretty good range of stuff there but I’m sure we missed something and it is a big topic).
    • Working with Bitmaps, BitmapData, and Images

You might be asking: What do I get out of this?

  • Your name, a URL of your choice, and a one-line bio attributed to your recipe in the book
  • Fame and (possibly) fortune at being published in an O’Reilly “animal” book!
  • Sharing your coding solution with countless others and helping them understand how to code really great Flex apps. (I know this last one is immeasurable, but we’ve all experienced how good it can feel to help out someone else.)


  • Will entries be proofread, edited, tech reviewed? Yes.
  • Can I post recipes that are from my blog, or articles I’ve posted on my own personal website? Yes, as long as they have not been published elsewhere, I am more than happy to see you share your blog posts/articles with the Flex developer audience thru the Flex cookbook.

Write me with any questions or suggestions! I’m at amywong at As I mentioned in my previous posts, we’re also continuing to improve the online cookbook, month by month!

Amy Wong
Adobe Senior Technical Editor
Cookbooks, Flex & ColdFusion Dev Centers