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Flex User Group 2012 Tour: European Dates

We’re also planning to visit some European Flex User Groups. We hope that you’ll be able to join one of these meetings. We’ll be in Europe for two weeks only but we believe that this tour will be an unique opportunity to discuss the future of Flex, the role of Apache, the Flash roadmap and answer your questions.


Flex 4.6 specs posted to

Flex 4.6 is the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development. With a scheduled release date later this year, the new version of Flex SDK will offer several new components and functionality specifically designed to help developers create applications for the latest mobile and tablet devices.

Flex SDK 4.6 was governed by three main goals:

  • New components
  • Better performance
  • Updated platform support

For more information, refer to the What’s new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6 by Jacob Surber.

Though the Flex 4.6 SDK will be released only in the coming months, the team has posted the Specs for the new components out on You can access these specs at the Flex 4.6 SDK page.

Raghu Thricovil (@rthricov)
Product Manager, Flex SDK, Adobe

Flex and Flash Builder 4.6 and pre-release

Today we are pleased to announce Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.6, the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development.

Only six months ago we launched Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.5, which included an optimized set of components and workflows to create mobile applications. In the time since then, the market has continued to evolve, especially with the explosion of tablet devices – Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.6, a free update to existing customers due for release later this year, is focused on enabling developers to create expressive mobile and tablet applications across Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Flex 4.6 has several new highly requested components typically used in tablet applications.  It also contains several framework performance improvements which can be realized by simply repackaging your existing application.  Flash Builder 4.6 offers support for Native Extensions and Captive Runtimes – these new features allow you extend your application’s functionality and smooth the install process.

If you would like to know more about Flex 4.6 head over to the Adobe Developer Connection site and read the full article.  Also, be sure to join our pre-release to get early access to Flex 4.6.





The Flex product management team is hiring

Even though we’re hard at work on the upcoming releases of Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, preview releases of which we made available just recently, the product management team is already working on plans for the next generation of the Flex framework and tooling.

To support this effort, we’re now looking to hire three new product managers to the team and we’re hoping that you could be the right person for one of those positions!

As a product manager you will play a critical role in defining product features and communicating requirements with multiple engineering teams, you will be responsible for approving engineering specifications and validating that completed features meet customer requirements, and you’ll be the person who drives consensus on product requirements and ensures decisions are made in a timely manner.

The positions we have open are as follows:

Product management is an all-encompassing role that is both exciting and demanding – if you’re ready for a challenge and want to be a part of the team that defines the future of Flex, designer/developer workflows and developer tooling then we’d like to hear from you.

All positions will be based in San Francisco, CA.

To express your interest in one or more of these roles please send your resume to shorten at, or apply using the Adobe career opportunity website.


Andrew Shorten, Group Product Manager, Developer Tools
Deepa Subramaniam, Senior Product Manager, Flex SDK

Reminder: First Hero Open Iteration Meeting on Friday

The Flex SDK team would like to remind folks that the first Hero Open Iteration Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1st. The purpose of the Hero Open Iteration meetings is to discuss the changes in development process with the Hero release as well as review the features (both desktop and mobile) that were completed in past Hero iterations and identify the work that will be tackled in the upcoming iterations. There will be time for some short Q and A with the product team as well. The meeting will be recorded and posted onto the Hero open source site.

Meeting: Hero Open Iteration Meeting
Date: October 1, 2010
Time: 8 – 9 AM PT (11 am ET, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)
Connect Details:

For anyone interested in the Hero release and learning more about the capabilities the Hero SDK will contain, this is a meeting that should not be missed!

Another week and another “Burrito” sneak

Further to last week’s blog post introducing Flash Builder “Burrito”, we’re excited to share another feature sneak which shows something that we’re working on for the upcoming version of the product.

Here we have “Metadata code completion”. Enjoy!

Accelerating Flex 3 development using Flash Builder 4

I was talking to a few developers this week and they were telling me that they were really psyched about Flash Builder 4 but were waiting to upgrade. When I asked why, they explained that they were in the middle of Flex 3 projects and didn’t want to transition to the new Flex 4 SDK until they completed the project. I realized that in all of our excitement about Flex 4 and the new Spark component model, that we neglected to let everyone know that 80% of the new features in Flash Builder 4 can help you immediately with your Flex 3 application development. Andrew Shorten just posted a great new article in the Flex Developer Center explaining how to set up Flash Builder 4 so you can continue working on your Flex 3 projects with no disruption while taking advantage of the great new features. This article is a one-stop-shop to learn all things about migration, including both tool and SDK. James Ward also posted a short video where you can see Flash Builder 4 in action working on a Flex 3 project.

Dave Gruber
Flash Builder and Flex Product Marketing Manager

Flex SDK 3.4 Released and Security Update

Flex SDK version 3.4, the latest production quality release, has been released. You can download it from the Flex Open Source page. We are not releasing a new version of Flex Builder. However, the SDK 3.4 version will work in Flex Builder using the multi-sdk feature. You may want to postpone updating if you’re using the Data Visualization components, they will be available in about a week when SDK 3.4 is posted on the site.

This release supports the security updated runtimes for Flash Player 10 and AIR 1.5. Additionally, it includes key bug fixes in the SDK, one of which addresses a critical security bug (more below), and bug fixes provided by the community.

An important vulnerability has been identified in Flex SDK 3.3 and earlier versions. This vulnerability could result in cross-site scripting. We recommend all users of Flex SDK 3.3 and earlier versions update to the newest version, Flex SDK 3.4. Please refer to this security bulletin for further information.

You can find the SDK bugs that were fixed in Flex SDK 3.4 here.

Flex 4 SDK Beta Released!

We’re excited to announce that Flex 4 SDK beta (previously code named Gumbo) is now available on our Labs page! Go check out Labs for more details and to download the beta. Also, be sure to check out Matt Chotin’s What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK Beta and Joan Lafferty’s Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 articles. This beta release also coincides with the beta release of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

We’ll be having an community Open Beta Meeting at the end of June for you to give the team feedback, stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can discuss the beta on the Labs forums.

Enjoy the beta!

Zend Releases Zend Framework 1.7 with AMF Support

In all the excitement last week at Adobe MAX, we failed to highlight a major release for PHP developers from Zend. Zend Framework 1.7 was released last week – this is the first version of the framework that includes AMF support, making it really easy for PHP developers to build great UIs using Flex and Flash.

The latest version also includes support for a new version of the Dojo Toolkit (1.2.1), among other improvements.

The Zend AMF plugin has been packaged as a separate download – allowing it to be integrated into other PHP web frameworks easily.

For more information on starting with Flex and PHP, check out the PHP page on the Flex developer center.