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Stay Up To Date with RIA News

We’ve recently launched an RIA focused newsletter called the RIA Buzz. If you’re interested in RIA development, you should subscribe to the RIA Buzz. In each newsletter we deliver in four major areas:

  • RIAs that Rock: David Tucker highlights cool RIA applications.
  • Essential Articles: Selected must read articles from all over the web.
  • The Metablog: Robert Cadena of distills what the community is saying.
  • Expert Events: Your opportunity for education and contacting Adobe team members.

Here’s the first issue of the newsletter that went out last month. The newsletter will be sent out every 6 weeks, with the next one scheduled for early July.

A few notes about subscribing to this newsletter. We hate spam as much as you do, so when you subscribe, we don’t opt-in you in to other communications from Adobe – just the newsletter. However, if at a later date you unsubscribe from all Adobe communications, it will stop your newsletter subscription. You’ll have to subscribe again at that point.

Test Out The New

We’ve been developing a new community oriented version of, and I’d like to get your feedback on it. Head to to see the new site in action – it aggregates a number of Flex oriented RSS feeds into one listing for you, including Flex jobs from and, articles from and DZone, examples from, along with a listing of Flex user groups and consulting companies, and Flex related events.

Post your comments about the new site in this blog, keeping in mind that the site is still in beta, and we’re working out some of the problems with information display.

Feedback on curriculum

Adobe plans to create curriculum resources focusing on Flex and AIR integration within computer engineering and media arts studies in higher education; which can be used by faculty and students. These resources are a first step in Higher Education resources and will be introductory in nature. This presentation outline, documents the introduction to an online workshop as well as, the topics to be covered by the online workshop modules. The online workshop will consist of modules introducing rich Internet applications through Flex and AIR.

Thematically the content will be discussed from two points of views:
• Individuals with a computer engineering / programming background
• Individuals with an art and design background
Give these goals, please provide your feedback on the draft .

Some questions to guide your comments include:
• How much time would you or would you expect your students to spend weekly for an online workshop?
• Looking at the content outline for the online workshop modules, do you think this is the appropriate level and depth for an introductory workshop, from your perspective?
• For an introductory workshop, do you think this is too ambitious?
• When it comes to covering integration of Adobe technologies for rich Internet applications with other technologies, what would you say are the top three technologies you’d like to see covered? We’ve put a few in the outline, are these the ones you would choose or are there others you would prioritize higher?

Thanks for your feedback and helping us make the right set of resources for educators.


Flex Camp Toronto 75% Sold Out

Flex Camp Toronto will be taking place on November 15th at 5:00 PM and is already 75% sold out. If you live in the Toronto area and are interested in Flex and AIR, you should sign up for the event, before its sold out (like MAX North America and MAX Europe).

Redesigned Flex cookbook

At MAX 2007 Chicago, on September 30th, we released a redesign of the front page of the Flex cookbook:

We took into account a lot of feedback from the community, as we talked to you at conferences and tradeshows, on conference calls, and via e-mail. Thank you all for your feedback, and keep it coming.

Here’s a rundown of the main changes that took place:

– Redesigned UI to make more clear how to accomplish cookbook users’ primary actions: searching, posting recipes, subscribing to the RSS feed (through a reader, or using Giorgio Natali’s cool plug-in for Flex Builder and Eclipse)

– Tooltips appear when hovering over an entry on the home page. This exposes entries up front on the home page, but maintains simplicity of page.

– Reducing information on front-page posts to title, rating, poster

– Icons used for RSS, posting recipes, and the plug-in. Again, adding more visual emphasis to those actions most important to cookbook users.

– Weighted ratings – the ratings used throughout the cookbook are based on Bayesian ratings system; this system more accurately portrays the posts’ rating in relation to all other posts in the cookbook. This feature actually went live about a month ago, but I wanted you all to be aware of it.

– Various performance improvements

Let me know other feedback you have on the Flex cookbook as you post your recipes, rate other recipes, and post comments!

Amy Wong
Senior Technical Editor, Flex and ColdFusion Developer Centers
Adobe Developer Connection:

ASDoc now available on Labs

ASDoc, the Flex and AS3 documentation tool, is now available on labs:

The page on labs has everything you’ll need to get started: a link to, instructions on installation, an explanation of the examples, and links to the two additional pages of ASDoc documentation.

If you have any questions on ASDoc, you can ask them on Brian Deitte’s blog or on flexcoders, and he’ll try to answer them.