Flex SDK and Flash Builder pre-release program

At Adobe MAX last year we made public previews available of upcoming Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst releases . Since then we’ve continued to work on new features, as well as improve performance, fix bugs and respond to feedback received.

In addition to the public preview release, we also have a private pre-release program running that delivers updated builds to participants. We’re now ready to open that program up to some more people, so if you’re interested in trying out newer builds of Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst and are prepared to invest time providing our engineering teams with feedback, please complete the pre-release program survey.

Access to the pre-release will require you to agree to a non-disclosure agreement.


Andrew Shorten, Group Product Manager, Developer Tools
Deepa Subramaniam, Senior Product Manager, Flex SDK

The Flex product management team is hiring

Even though we’re hard at work on the upcoming releases of Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, preview releases of which we made available just recently, the product management team is already working on plans for the next generation of the Flex framework and tooling.

To support this effort, we’re now looking to hire three new product managers to the team and we’re hoping that you could be the right person for one of those positions!

As a product manager you will play a critical role in defining product features and communicating requirements with multiple engineering teams, you will be responsible for approving engineering specifications and validating that completed features meet customer requirements, and you’ll be the person who drives consensus on product requirements and ensures decisions are made in a timely manner.

The positions we have open are as follows:

Product management is an all-encompassing role that is both exciting and demanding – if you’re ready for a challenge and want to be a part of the team that defines the future of Flex, designer/developer workflows and developer tooling then we’d like to hear from you.

All positions will be based in San Francisco, CA.

To express your interest in one or more of these roles please send your resume to shorten at adobe.com, or apply using the Adobe career opportunity website.


Andrew Shorten, Group Product Manager, Developer Tools
Deepa Subramaniam, Senior Product Manager, Flex SDK

Public Preview Releases of Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst available for download

For the past 9 months the Flex team has been hard at work building the next versions of Flex, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst. We are proud to announce that you can now download preview releases of all three products from Adobe Labs. You may have also heard that we also released Adobe AIR 2.5, which extends AIR to run on a number of mobile platforms. Together, these releases open up a significant new opportunity for Flex developers to build applications that span the web, desktop and now mobile. Here’s a quick snapshot of the new major feature sets:

Flex SDK “Hero” provides new mobile features for building standalone applications for mobile devices, additional Spark components and capabilities as well as infrastructure improvements that target large-scale applications.

Flash Builder “Burrito” provides integrated workflows for building multi-screen applications, improved designer/developer workflows with Flash Catalyst, provides enhancements to core performance, and includes a wealth of new coding productivity improvements for Flex and ActionScript projects.

Flash Catalyst “Panini” provides improvements which enable bi-directional workflows between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, adds support for resizable applications and components, provides improvements to project-defined interactions, and includes a newly designed Components panel.

You can learn more about these exciting new releases by reading our intro articles written by our product managers:

Andrew Shorten’s What’s New in Flash Builder “Burrito”

Deepa Subramaniam’s What’s New in Flex SDK “Hero”

Narciso Jaramillo’s Mobile Development Using Flex SDK “Hero” and Flash Builder “Burrito”

Doug Winnie’s What’s New in Flash Catalyst “Panini”

You can download the preview releases for Flex SDK “Hero“, Flash Builder “Burrito” and Flash Catalyst Panini right now on Adobe Labs. We’ve also included numerous samples and tutorials to help you get up and running more quickly, plus a set of videos that showcase larger features and workflows.

We are all very excited to provide you with an early opportunity to evaluate in-development features and to allow us to get your feedback. Please remember that they are preview releases, so they have not undergone the same level of testing as you will find in our finals, and therefore may contain a higher number of bugs. Please also note that they are not yet feature complete.  All that said, we hope you’ll enjoy working with the new features and are as excited as we are by the improvements we’re making. Please share your feedback with us through the Adobe forums (Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and Flex SDK) as well as through JIRA, our public bugbase.


Flex SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst Product Teams

Status of opensource.adobe.com

Some of you may have noticed that Adobe Open Source has been down for some time. The service is currently unavailable as we investigate a critical issue with our server infrastructure. We currently do not have an ETA on restoring service, but I will share more information as it becomes available. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience,

Deepa Subramaniam

Senior Product Manager, Flex SDK

UPDATE: Service to opensource.adobe.com was reinstated Friday, 10/22 at 5 PM PST.

Flash Builder “Burrito” final sneak

This is the last in the series of feature sneak videos, highlighting features currently under development for the upcoming release of Flash Builder, codenamed “Burrito”. In this video we’re showing you support for override/implement methods…

Whilst we’re done with the sneaks for now, the features highlighted only represent a portion of what we’re working on for Flash Builder “Burrito”. Stay tuned for more information about when we’ll be making “Burrito” available and what other features will be in the release…

Build Your First Mobile Flex Application at MAX

Several months ago, we announced that the next version of Flex, codenamed “Hero”, will contain new features for developing mobile applications. At MAX, we’ll be highlighting these new features in a number of sessions.

However, we know that you might want to go further and actually try it out for yourself. So we’re also hosting a “Bring Your Own Laptop” (BYOL) lab, Build Your First Mobile Flex Application, where you can actually get hands-on with the new mobile development features and tooling workflows. Also, if you bring an Android 2.2 phone (and the USB cable to connect it to your laptop), you can even install and run the application on your device.

The Monday 10/25 5 pm session is full, but there’s still room in the Wednesday 10/27 1:30 pm and 4 pm sessions. So, if you’re interested, sign up on the MAX website, and we’ll see you there!

Flash Builder Burrito sneak #4

Continuing with our weekly sneaks of features under development for Flash Builder “Burrito”, this week we’re excited to show you how Quick Assist/Fix will make you more productive when coding ActionScript.

Flash Builder “Burrito” is an upcoming version of the product that is currently in development – the final feature sneak (for now) will be posted next week. Enjoy!

Announcing the ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder

We are very excited to share with the ActionScript community an ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder 4. This plugin provides an Eclipse perspective that allows you to start/stop the code coverage tool, view generated code-coverage reports, examine source code and save/load reports. Typically developers will use the code coverage tool to see which areas of code have not been exercised during execution so that additional testing requirements can be identified.

The tool provides detailed line coverage and method coverage reporting, as well as highlighting classes that are not linked into the application. You can use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in for Flash Builder with applications developed in ActionScript 3, optionally using either Flex SDK 3.x or Flex SDK 4.x, targeting both Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR®. A trial or licensed version of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium is required to use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in.

You can access the plugin on Adobe Labs here, read documentation around using and configuring the code-coverage tool, and provide feedback via the code-coverage forum.

Want to shape the Flex roadmap?

The Flash Platform tooling team would like the community’s help in shaping the product roadmaps for the Flex SDK, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Professional.

We would like you to complete a 15-20 minute online survey.  In the survey, you’ll get an opportunity to help us understand how you are using Adobe tools currently, and we’ll also ask you where we should take the products by helping us prioritize potential areas of investment.

The product management team takes these surveys very seriously and the results figure heavily into the decisions that we make about feature prioritization.

Please, take the opportunity to give feedback.

Thanks so much for your time!

Flash Platform Tools Product Management team

Reminder: First Hero Open Iteration Meeting on Friday

The Flex SDK team would like to remind folks that the first Hero Open Iteration Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1st. The purpose of the Hero Open Iteration meetings is to discuss the changes in development process with the Hero release as well as review the features (both desktop and mobile) that were completed in past Hero iterations and identify the work that will be tackled in the upcoming iterations. There will be time for some short Q and A with the product team as well. The meeting will be recorded and posted onto the Hero open source site.

Meeting: Hero Open Iteration Meeting
Date: October 1, 2010
Time: 8 – 9 AM PT (11 am ET, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)
Connect Details: http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/hero-open-source/

For anyone interested in the Hero release and learning more about the capabilities the Hero SDK will contain, this is a meeting that should not be missed!