Modules documentation update

The “Creating Modular Applications” chapter of the Flex Developer’s Guide has undergone a major rewrite.

Download the new chapter’s PDF: Creating Modular Applications

Enhancements include the following:
– Using modules in Flex Builder
– Passing data from the app to the module/from the module to the app/inter-module
– Preloading modules
– Using modules in ActionScript

Here’s a ZIP file of all the code samples (full applications) used in the document: Code Samples.


5 Responses to Modules documentation update

  1. Great job guys.You made an amazing job.thank you

  2. Bruce says:

    I’ve passed this on to Ted Patrick and others at Adobe — The entire Flex team is doing a great job. Without the excellent documentation, I would not have been able to learn Flex so quickly. I read some part of the documentation every day and really appreciate the work everyone’s done.

  3. anurag says:

    Its really great stuff guys .I had not used modules before but definately looking forward to it as the prospectus for my next project.Best of luck and keep the good work goingWith RegardsAnurag

  4. Thanks for the sample code, it made my life a lot easier.Fernanda

  5. Arun Saxena says:

    Hi,Thanks for this documentation. Really comprehensive and informative.Regs,Arun