Drag and Drop documentation update

We rewrote the Drag and Drop chapter of the Flex Developer’s Guide. The main changes were:

– Simplified the explanation of the drag/drop operation
– Added many new examples
– Added information and examples on performing a copy operation with the list-based controls (Tree, List, DataGrid) which is not handled by default
– Added information about overriding the default event handlers used by the list-based controls

Download the new chapter’s PDF: Using Drag and Drop

Here’s a ZIP file of all the code samples (full applications) used in the document: Code Samples.

5 Responses to Drag and Drop documentation update

  1. Great !You made a wonderful job with Flex Docs guys !congrats

  2. judah says:

    thanks guys! you rule

  3. Dan says:

    Question… It’s nice to know that the docs are being updated… But Is there a way to “push” the new docs directly to my copy Flexbuilder? Help –> “update docs” ????Or push it through the software updates portion of FB?

  4. Stephen Gilson says:

    Hi Dan,We added links to the doc on livedocs, but there is no current way to force an update of the help in Flex Builder. We should have that solved for the next release though.Stephen

  5. Simon says:

    I have a question about Native Drag & Drop in Air.I am dragging a file from my desktop and dropping it on my tree. I am not able to highlight the selected node even though I set the selected index. It only refreshes the tree after the mouse moves out of the application window.