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Flex 3 Beta 1 (Moxie) Documentation

Yesterday, we released Flex 3 Beta 1 (code-named Moxie)on Adobe Labs. We also released Beta 1 of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR, code-named Apollo). I think we have pretty good doc coverage of new features but, as usual for a Beta release, things are a bit scattered.

Read me first
The Flex Builder online Help is only half updated. The Language Reference is at the Flex 3 level, but the usage docs (Developer’s Guide, Building, etc.) are still for Flex 2. For up-to-date usage docs, follow the Learning Resources links later in this posting.

Read me second
To get up to speed on Flex 3 features, I think it’s best to start by reading Matt Chotin’s Overview article .

Beta 1 learning resources
Here is a list (including links) of Flex 3 Beta 1 learning resources:

And here is a list of AIR learning resources for Beta 1; some apply when developing Flex applications for AIR and some apply when developing HTML applications for AIR:

As always, you can send us feedback using LiveDocs comments. Also, starting with this Beta release, our bug database is public; you can enter and track bugs yourself by going to