Flex 3 New Charting Features

The Flex 3 beta went out before the charting documentation included the new features. So here is a PDF with all the charting chapters, including the new feature documentation.

Download file (1 MB)

The entire set of charting chapters is included here in one PDF because the organization has changed so much. I added a new chapter and consolidated some sections from other chapters.

New sections:
CHAPTER: Displaying Data and Labels
“Using data labels”
“Using per-item fills”
“Omitting days on a DateTimeAxis” (aka, work-week axis)

CHAPTER: Formatting Charts
“Positioning the axes”

CHAPTER: Using Events and Effects in Charts
“Selecting chart items”
“Drawing on chart controls”
“Drilling down into data” (new since 2.0.1, but previously blogged about here)

The following sections existed before, but have been completely rewritten based on feature changes:

CHAPTER: Chart Types
“Using multiple axes”
“Using multiple data series”


As always, feedback is welcome.

3 Responses to Flex 3 New Charting Features

  1. barry.b says:

    many thanks for following this up, Matt.

  2. @Mark:Is there a section that describes the changes and new features from v2.x to v3.0?I’m still a Flex newbie and I’m working on a Flex 2 Charting application and was just trying to find all the new core changes and new features.I’m just looking for a quick synopsis.

  3. Matthew Horn says:

    There’s a quick intro to the new features here:http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_3:Feature_Introductions:_Charting_EnhancementsThis doesn’t get into the details about the differences … specifically, what Flex 2 classes were deprecated … but it should give you a good sense of the new features.As for what’s different, all of the properties related to “second” axes/series, like secondDataProvider/secondSeries/secondHorizontalAxis have been deprecated because of the new “multiple axes” functionality.