Conditional compilation in Moxie

Moxie includes conditional compilation support. Conditional compilation lets you include or exclude blocks of code when you compile. It is generally used for debugging or instrumentation where there might be large blocks of code, classes, or entire libraries that you want to use during development but then want to exclude from your release version of the application.

The documentation did not get into the release of Beta 2, so here is the PDF that describes how to use this feature:

Download file (40K, PDF)

4 Responses to Conditional compilation in Moxie

  1. By the way, in Flex Builder beta 2, debugging is broken if you use conditional compilation (you can’t set breakpoints). This will be fixed before release.

  2. zhaohongri says:

    i try to finish the example by myself to complete the custom resize plane,i review the swf9.pdf and the tutorial 3 Details – Flex Component Kitbut i fail when i do the collapse action,the contentHolder didn’t hide,i try to let it’s alpha changed from 100 to 0 in the tween from expand to collapse in Flash cs3 IDE.i looked your tutorial,but i can’t found the way to implement this effect,may i get your kindly help?

  3. Arul Prasad says:

    Hi,Thats a cool feature!I was wondering if there is a way to send in -say, the current date string into the SWF, using the -define switch.That would help in versioning the swf etc.It should be doable if I were to use an ANT script, but how do I get the DATE value into the additional compiler params list in FlexBuilder?Thanks!

  4. Matthew Horn says:

    You can’t currently do this with this feature — you’ll need to use ANT.matt