Documentation for the Flex Skin Design Extensions

This article describes how to create skins for Adobe Flex applications by using Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, and Adobe Fireworks CS3, and then import the skins into a Flex Builder project. To create skins, you must install the Flex Skin Design Extensions from Adobe Labs.

Download the PDF: Importing Skins into Flex Builder.

One Response to Documentation for the Flex Skin Design Extensions

  1. I just installed the AI bit and the instructions seem faulty. Where it says:3 Copy the directory FlexSkinning/Scripts/Flex Skin folder to Illustrator_install_dir/Presets/Scripts, whereIllustrator_install_dir is the installation directory of Illustrator CS3.4 Copy the directory Templates/FlexSkins to Illustrator_install_dir/Cool Extras/Templates.I found that the script didn’t work.I matched the scripts directory and the templates directory, forgetting the “FlexSkinning” part, otherwise the “New Flex Skin” dialog comes up empty and won’t run.I think the docs and readme.txt need to be updated to fix this.I got the Photoshop version to work immediately. Great stuff!