Are you using the Flex 3 Getting Started Experience?

For Beta 2, we introduced the online Flex 3 Getting Started Experience, found at This site is also available from the Flex Builder 3 Start Page.

We think that this site is a big improvement over the Flex 2 Getting Started manual and I encourage you to check it out. However, we’re seeing something puzzling, and would like your feedback.

We are seeing very few comments (about 2 per week) and are trying to figure out why. If any of you have tried to add a comment to a page on the Flex 3 Getting Started Experience and given up/failed for any reason, can you please respond to this post?

8 Responses to Are you using the Flex 3 Getting Started Experience?

  1. Rob McKeown says:

    I think the welcome screen causes some confusion because it says to look at your account settings regarding a screen name. However, I couldn’t where to do that. I almost gave up but then logged in with my regular adobe login and I was able to comment (about this problem)

  2. Josh Tynjala says:

    It’s possible that people simply don’t know that it exists. I’ve seen the Start Page a million times, but I didn’t know about the Getting Started experience until you just mentioned it now.

  3. creacog says:

    I guess one explanation is that most of the users of the Beta product used Flex Builder 2 and aren’t really looking at getting started guides? – though I think they would be very much interested in a some kind of “what’s changed/new” overview which seems to be missing?Then the problems as I see them (I’ve been meaning to place these in the bug system for a while)…1. Clicking a tutorial link launches the eclipse embedded browser rather than any external browser that the user may have set for displaying help pages – I think to follow that preference would be more appropriate.2. The browser window opens to a fixed size.3. The page layout is fixed size.4. the window size on a mac is smaller than the content size, resulting in a need for horizontal scrolling – very bad!5. Generally I don’t understand why I’m denied the ability to re-shape the pop-up window (ideally with a fluid page layout) to suit my needs rather than suffer the layout inflicted by the ‘designer’6. I don’t see why the normal browser controls have been removed.7. Anyone looking at the start screen will assume there are three tutorials unless they happen to notice the upside-down triangle which is in-fact a page-down button leading to a new page of three, then a further page of two, totalling 8 tutorials. Clearly the choice of paging here is a poor UI choice. Why not present as a simple list- use a scroll-bar – that’s what they are designed for – they show how much content is available whilst providing a mechanism to access it.8. Related to Rob’s comment above. There’s no obvious indication for users that they can ‘comment’ upon pages. Unlike live docs which carries an ‘add comment’ button on each page.While the content may be much better than for Flex 2, as my notes above suggest, IMO there have been some poor implementation decisions in this version – fortunately all of the above is probably very easily 4p – sorry!

  4. Bjørn says:

    > However, we’re seeing something puzzling, and would like your feedback.It asks me where my debugger is running when I enter the page. Seems you guys have published the debug version of the swf? 😉

  5. Thanks for the feedback creacog! I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of your concerns will be fixed in the next Beta.

  6. William from Lagos says:

    Could we have an offline version of it?

  7. judah says:

    The new content and help system look great. A couple tihngs,- I couldn’t find the “Add Comment” at the bottom of each page.- I went to the Simple RIA (flicker api) app and was expecting a next and prev link on each page. Or another option would have been to open the TOC to the current page so I could follow navigation.- The links were hard to see on my laptop lcd screen, which probably relates closely to the previous problem.- Having read through the learning materials in Flex 2 I did not know what changed or have too much time to find out. I can see new Flex users reading through these.

  8. Thanks for the feedback, Judah.* You need to log in before the Add Comments link shows up; we should be more clear about this.* We plan on doing Next/Prev links, hopefully in the next few weeks.* I’ll talk to the CSS people about the hard-to-see links; you’re not the first person who has noticed this.Thanks, again!