Java-based Compiler API

Flex 3 includes a Java-based compiler API that lets you compile SWF and SWC files from Java applications. The API supports all the same options as the mxmlc and compc command-line tools. The API includes classes like Application, Logger, and Project.


The API’s JavaDocs are here: (245K)

There is a PDF which describes usage here: Compiler API Guide (194K)

One Response to Java-based Compiler API

  1. Guillaume says:

    Hi, i just tryed a sample application as suggested in the pdf document but i always get this error message :Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: flex2.compiler.API.usePathResolver(Lflex2/compiler/common/SinglePathResolver;)VPlease help!I don’t know what lib i am missing…i have mxmlc.jar and flex-compiler-oem.jar in my classpath…For more informations on my error see this url: