ColdFusion and Flex LiveDocs are misbehaving

We’re currently seeing a caching corruption problem with LiveDocs in which random files display instead of the correct pages. You’ll see a variety of symptoms:
* The wrong page displays
* Infinite loops in the TOC (this happens when LD loads a .js file instead of an HTML file)
* Bad formatting (when a CSS file doesn’t load properly)

The good news is that our web team has identified the bug that causes this. The bad news is that they’re still testing the fix and it won’t get rolled out until April 17.

I’ve had fairly random results over the last few days. Sometimes changing browsers helps, sometimes it doesn’t; sometimes clearing browser cache fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t. One suggestion is to download the complete Flex doc zip file, which contains usage docs in PDF and the Language Reference in HTML and access the docs locally.
This is available at Individual PDFs are available from the Flex Help Resource Center page:

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.
Randy Nielsen
Flex Documentation Manager

One Response to ColdFusion and Flex LiveDocs are misbehaving

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Thanks for that download link. I would suggest, perhaps, that it should be included on the Adobe Flex Resources page under Adobe Flex Language Reference.Thanks for the feedback. This link is already on that page, but I guess we need to make it more visible and I like your suggestion of adding it under the Language Ref.