New “Community Help” features for Flex

The Adobe web team is rolling out new functionality to help Flex coders find the help resources they need.

Currently, the “Ion” project consists of a customized search engine that is populated with the best of the Flex-related resources on the web. You can access this new search feature directly at You can also search it by using the “Community-Powered Search” input on the Flex DevNet site.

Also part of Ion is the back end for commenting on Livedocs and DevNet articles. Prior to this, there was no commenting on DevNet articles, and the Livedocs commenting engine was much more restrictive.

This is just the beginning of the Ion project.

One Response to New “Community Help” features for Flex

  1. JabbyPanda says:

    This project looks very promising, unfortunately currently it yields not very useful search results.Looking forward for it its future development when it will capable to found more relevant search results.