Plugins for Ion search

If you use the search engine for finding Flex information fast, then you might find the following useful: A plugin for FireFox and a Google Toolbar custom button for IE that give you instant access to the search engine from within you browser.

FireFox plugin for Ion

  1. Download the ion.xml file.
  2. Save this as ion.xml in your {Mozilla}\searchplugins directory (for
    example, “c:\Program Files\Mozilla FireFox 3 Beta 5\searchplugins”)
    and it should show up in your list of search plugins.

Goole Toolbar custom button for IE

  1. Go to the Ion home page:
  2. Select Flex from the product drop down list.
  3. Right-click on the text input in the Ion search and click “Generate
    Custom Search…”.

    The Google Toolbar Custom Button Generator dialog appears.

    You can replace “community.adobe” in the first text input with any
    name you want to appear in the toolbar. In the second text input, you
    can replace “Adobe Community Help – Search Results” with any
    description you want.

  4. Click the Replace button and click OK.

That’s it. You can now select “community.adobe” (or whatever string
you specified) from the toolbar, and then execute a search directly.