Learn About Gumbo: The Next Version of Flex

Gumbo is the code name of the next version of Flex. New information about Gumbo has been made available on the Gumbo page of the Flex Open Source site.ᅠ

Highlights of the new information about Gumbo include the following:

1. Themes of the Release
Gumbo is being planned around three primary themes:

  • Design in Mind
    A framework for continuous collaboration between designer and developer.
  • Developer Productivity
    Improve compiler performance and add productivity enhancements.
  • Framework Evolution
    Take advantage of the new Flash Player capabilities and add features required by common use-cases.

2. Recorded Presentations

3. White Paper: An Introduction to the Gumbo Component Architecture
This white paper provides a comprehensive look into our plans for the next version of Flex.

4. Gumbo Feature Specifications
Read, and comment on, the recently published specifications for Gumbo. Currently, there are eight specs available, with more on the way.

2 Responses to Learn About Gumbo: The Next Version of Flex

  1. Greg J says:

    I’ve posted some examples of how to build some Flex 4 applications this week for anyone that’s interested in starting to play with Gumbo. Start here: http://blog.smartlogicsolutions.com/2008/07/15/compiling-your-first-flex-4-application/