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Check out the LiveCycle Doc Team Blog

Our friends and co-workers on the LiveCycle Learning Resources (aka documentation) team have started a blog. If you get a minute, check out and I think you’ll be pleased. Over the past few years, we’ve worked a lot with the LiveCycle doc team as we integrate LiveCycle with both Flex and LiveCycle Data Services (formerly known as Flex Data Services) and I have to say that they are a very sharp bunch.

More Specs Available for Gumbo (the Next Version of Flex)

New specifications for Gumbo, the next version of Flex, are now available. Go to the Gumbo page of the Flex Open Source site to read, and comment on, the plans for Gumbo.

Of particular interest is the Skinning and SkinnableComponent spec, which is a must read for those interested in the new Gumbo framework. There also have been modifications to the Gumbo Architecture whitepaper.

Other new specs that are available include those for TrackBase, Range, Slider, and ScrollBar.

Open invitation to join the Flex Learning Advisors

Hi all,
Last Fall, we invited about a dozen developers to join the Flex Learning Advisors private Google group. This group is a feedback community of internal and external Flex advocates that discusses ideas, provides feedback to the Flex Learning Resources (aka documentation) team, and helps validate decisions as we move into the open-source world of Flex 4. Additionally, members of the Adobe Developer Center team are actively involved in the Flex Learning Advisors and some of the Learning Advisors provide feedback on upcoming DevCenter content.

We’ve covered a lot of topics in the last nine months, including the Flex 3 Getting Started Experience, the Flex Developer Center, and our Community Help pilot.

We want to expand the Flex Learning Advisors to a wider group, so if you’re interested in participating, go to, click “Sign in and apply for membership”, and I’ll approve you.


Flex Builder 3 Extensibility API Reference

Flex Builder 3 provides an API to extend Flex Builder. Basically, these are Javadocs for developers familiar with Eclipse and who want to write extensions to Flex Builder.

I mention this here because I just now discovered that this documentation is only available from Flex Builder local help. It does not show up in our LiveDocs site, and search engines will not point to it (They will now, thanks to this blog entry 🙂

Here is where you find this documentation in Flex Builder 3:

From the Help Menu Select Help Contents. Then expand the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Extensibility node and click Flex Builder 3 Extensibility API Reference.

The reference contains APIs to extend the Code Model and the Design Model. Each section also contains an introduction that helps you get started.

Actually, I don’t know how to use this API or I’d write more about it. But I did find this blog entry from the Thinking Digital archives that enhances the introductory material provided in Flex Builder help.

We are also interested if anyone is actually using this API reference. Comments are welcome.

Seeking feedback on Labs

Some Adobe folks are asking for feedback to help drive improvements to Adobe Labs. Since Flex was one of the earliest releases on the Labs site, I figure some of the readers of this blog might want to participate in the discussion.

There’s an open-ended thread in the online forums:

We are trying to get as much feedback as possible by in late-August/early-September.

RoboHelp Packager for AIR

I know that this blog is usually about Flex and Flex documentation but as a Technical Writer who has used RoboHelp for many projects over the years, I was happy to see our latest release of the Technical Communication Suite and even happier to see the RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR, which went live last week.

For more information on deploying RoboHelp-generated Help systems on AIR, see the posting on the Adobe Technical Communication blog: