Flex Builder 3 Extensibility API Reference

Flex Builder 3 provides an API to extend Flex Builder. Basically, these are Javadocs for developers familiar with Eclipse and who want to write extensions to Flex Builder.

I mention this here because I just now discovered that this documentation is only available from Flex Builder local help. It does not show up in our LiveDocs site, and search engines will not point to it (They will now, thanks to this blog entry 🙂

Here is where you find this documentation in Flex Builder 3:

From the Help Menu Select Help Contents. Then expand the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Extensibility node and click Flex Builder 3 Extensibility API Reference.

The reference contains APIs to extend the Code Model and the Design Model. Each section also contains an introduction that helps you get started.

Actually, I don’t know how to use this API or I’d write more about it. But I did find this blog entry from the Thinking Digital archives that enhances the introductory material provided in Flex Builder help.

We are also interested if anyone is actually using this API reference. Comments are welcome.

One Response to Flex Builder 3 Extensibility API Reference

  1. Luis Lejter says:

    Hello Flex docs team, I am Luis Lejter author of the thinking digital blog. My company IDE Factory is actively using the extensibility APIs in the Enterprise IDE Plugin for Flex Builder, currently on public, open beta. I found the API docs very useful although incomplete. As for the APIs themselves, it would be hard to summarize my experiences in a short comment, I may write about it more on my blog.