ColdFusion 8 documentation is now running under Community Help

Hi everyone,
As most of you know, I also manage the ColdFusion documentation and I’m happy to announce that, as of this morning, the ColdFusion 8 HTML-format content (aka LiveDocs) now uses the Community Help commenting system. We first rolled out community help as a pilot project for Flex and then deployed it for all of the CS4 products last fall.

What does this mean?

  • The content under uses a different commenting system. (The original code name for the project was Ion, so you’ll sometimes hear people refer to this as “Ion commenting.”)
  • One difference: Comments display by default and inappropriate comments are moderated out. In the old system, comments were hidden by default and appropriate comments were moderated in.
  • Community Help is more than updated commenting:
    • You will also notice an enhanced ColdFusion Support page, now renamed to Help and Support.
    • When you search, we now use Community Search, which is a custom system than pulls in results from a predefined list of all the best ColdFusion resource inside and outside of Adobe. This is a process of continuous improvement, so if you see that we’re missing a site, just let me know (ranielse [at] adobe [dot] com).
    • Moderators include Adobe employees and external ColdFusion developers. As the system grows, I’m sure that we’ll be inviting more of you to be moderators.
    • We now assign points to helpful comments. Depending on whether you point out a typo or post a 100-line code example, we’ll asign you anywhere from 5 – 50 points. We haven’t quite figured out what to do with the points, but at some point, we’ll ask high-point achievers to join the moderators (and we’ll probably send out swag or something).
  • We don’t have a migration utility, so it’ll be at least a week before I’ve copied existing CF8 comments to the new system. Please be patient.

As always, comments are _not_ for ongoing, threaded Q&A, such as conversations about troubleshooting issues. In most cases, we’ll let these conversations stand, but in general, you’ll get better and faster results in the user-to-user forums.

For more information:

And, finally, there is currently a IE 6 bug in which a Server Communications error displays for pages that have no comments. I’m told that this will be fixed in the next iteration.

Randy Nielsen

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