The Flex 3.4 ActionScript Language Reference is live

Today, the Flex SDK team pushed the 3.4 milestone build live and you can get it from the Flex 3 SDK Downloads page.

Note (updated 8/10/10): As of Flex 4, the most up-to-date Flex class documentation is available from the Platform Reference:

Did you know…

  • DataGrid is the most popular search term.
  • ArrayCollection is the second most popular Flex search term, although Array and XML are second and third, respectively.
  • UIComponent is the most viewed page.
  • DataGrid, AdvancedDataGrid, and ComboBox are the second, third, and fourth most viewed pages, respectively.
  • If you happen to land on a language reference page for an old version, you can use the version pod to navigate to the correct version. The version pod displays towards the top right of each page and you can hide it by clicking the right arrow icon.

In the weeks to come, I hope to write a series of posts that cover the kinds of things our group is doing to improve the overall experience with Adobe learning content.

6 Responses to The Flex 3.4 ActionScript Language Reference is live

  1. Artur says:

    I really appreciate if you could update also the download Flex documentation. They are still docs for Flex 3.2. Thanks a lot!

  2. Chris Hill says:

    Hi Randy,Thanks for your hard work on the docs. I work offline a lot and was hoping to grab the new 3.4 docs in the zip located on noticed that this zip still includes the 3.2 docs. Is this an oversight? Or is there another location to dl the latest version of the 3.4 docs?Thanks again,Chris

  3. Pete Moss says:

    Randy,Thanks for putting the 3.4 API doc online. Is there any way to get the docs in a ZIP file the way you have in the past for 3.2? On a slow network, it can be painful. I always keep a browser window open pointing to my local API docs.

  4. Randy Nielsen says:

    FYI, this zip file is now updated to include the 3.4 ASLR: it took so long,-Randy

  5. Bart Gloudemans says:

    Hi There,I use the offline reference, but as I try to search, the search is done online. Even with the “Language Reference only” box selected.Is there a way to keep the search offline? And to search only in the reference?Thanks a lot,Bart

  6. Tahir Alvi says:

    very nice approach to learn as3 with flex.