Get involved! Adobe Cookbook – Recipe Requests

This is from our old friend, Ed Sullivan.

The Adobe Cookbooks application is your one-stop shop for finding and sharing community generated code samples.  One of the great new features of the recently re-designed Cookbooks application is the recipe request feature. This lets users who cannot locate their desired code sample put out a request to other community members. Additionally, fellow community members can vote for specific requests so you can determine at a glance which requests are the most popular.

You can see a list of recipe requests on the home page for each of the supported technologies, (Currently, the Flex Cookbook has the most unanswered recipe requests.) You can also easily stay current on the request queue by subscribing to the uber RSS feed, or you can be notified of requests for specific technologies like Flex.

And while answering a recipe request won’t bring you fame and fortune, it will give you:

  • The opportunity to have the request you addressed featured in the Adobe Developer Connection
  • That warm fuzzy feeling you get from assisting your fellow developers
  • The potential to have your recipe included in an upcoming version of the O’Reilly Flex Cookbook
  • Visibility on via Adobe Cookbook contributor recognition features

And, for a limited time only, every person who addresses a recipe request will be sent a free copy of the Getting Started with Flex 3 Pocket Guide.  Just email Ed Sullivan with a link to the recipe request you plan on addressing and after you publish it, just sit back and wait for your book to arrive!

So if you know how to create a simple shopping cart with Flex 3, what are you waiting for?!

2 Responses to Get involved! Adobe Cookbook – Recipe Requests

  1. greg says:

    Yo, that website is nearly unusable. I can’t find an organized place to see peoples’ recipe requests. Why do i care about recent contributors? Sorting the recipes and recipe requests is either abysmal or non existent. Why the on earth is there a “flex and other technologies” tag?Beyond that the site kind of wreaks of a “hey smart guy, do my work for me” kind of attitude. The kind of place where youre generally going to have the legally blind leading the totally blind around creating crappy software using bad practices. Theres no incentive for experienced developers and the pocked guide isn’t helping.

  2. Ed Sullivan says:

    You can see a list of recipe requests on each technology home page. For Flex it would be: and the list of recent requests is on the right side of the page.You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds to be kept current on a list of recipe requests.We have one feed for the entire cookbook application for all recipe requests: And we also have one specifically for Flex recipe requests: you can check the list of recent recipe requests online: