Check out the Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 documentation!

Hi everyone,
Today we shipped Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4. This is a significant release with lots of new features and we are all proud of it. I’d like to take a minute to help you get started with the documentation and other learning resources.

You should start by reading the introductions from our Product Managers:

Also, if you are a Flex 3 customer, you should read Joan Lafferty’s Differences between Flex 3 SDK and Flex 4 SDK article.

We’ve provided a rich set of content for Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4:

And lightning will strike me down if it I don’t acknowledge and thank the Flex and Flash Builder Learning Resources team: Pam Araki, Janice Campbell, Linda Adler, Matt Horn, Shimi Rahim, Stephen Gilson, Vince Genovese, and Erich Champion. I also need to thank Akshay Madan, Mark Nichoson, Laura Kersell, Helen Whelan, JuLee Burdekin, Puny Sen, Debbie Chu, and Tanya Knoop for all the work they put into the Adobe Community Help client and the Platform Language Reference.

Stay tuned to this blog as the members of my team post tips and tricks to help you get started.

Randy Nielsen

8 Responses to Check out the Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 documentation!

  1. Terry Lee says:

    Hi,Firstly, congratulations on the final release of Gumbo.Is there any overriding reason not to release the Language Reference as a zip package for offline use?It’s extremely frustrating to develop in Flex when the only API is online!!! Flex 3 is like that, so is Flex 4.How do I try to sell Flex to my stakeholders?Stakeholder: Can Flex do XXX?Me: Yes, the API allows itStakeholder: Show meMe: ???**********************************************Sorry. I forgot to mention this. Of course we are providing this and the URL is It includes PDFs of all usage docs and a zip file of the language reference).Also, I neglected to mention that you can get a high-level view of all Flex 4 docs (including the zip file) from the Documentation tab of the Flex Developer Center.Hope this helps,- Randy Nielsen

  2. yuan says:

    HelloI hope to learn how to associate between flash builder and flash cs5….In other words , I mean I am going to test simple flash project with flash builder 4…Would you help me?I will be waiting for your message .Best Regards.

  3. Did you drop the as3_devguide.pdf from the Flex doc set? I seem to remember that book was included in the doc set for Flex3. That book is a devil to find on now.

  4. Randy Nielsen says:

    Hi Graeme,
    The AS3 dev guide is at It’s also listed under “Adobe Reference” on the Flex Doc pages (see for an example)


  5. Caroline says:


    Can anyone recommend which books I can buy to learn Adone Flash builder?

    I have been programming in the .Net environment for 10 years now. Now, my company wants me to make the jumpo to Adobe Flex 4.

    Where is the best place to start.

    I have been reading on Amazon’s website to see what books other people purchase.

    The results that I have narrowed done to are:
    – Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 Bible by David Gassner
    – Learning Flex 4: Getting Up to Speed with Rich Internet Application Design and Development by Alaric Cole
    – Flex 4 Cookbook: Real-world recipes for developing Rich Internet Applications (Oreilly Cookbooks)
    – Adobe Flex 4: Training from the Source, Volume 1 by Michael Labriola

    Does anyone else have any ideas or other suggestions?



  6. @Caroline – Those are all good resources. If you are looking or a walk-through introductory level book, the Training from the Source book by Mike Labriola is excellent in my own experience. The cookbook is also an invaluable book but more as a reference to keep around while working on projects. I have not read the other two, so I cannot comment but I am sure they are both great resources.

    Have you taken a look at Adobe’s Flex in a Week video training series? This is a solid (and free!) resource for beginner’s wanting to learn Flex & Flash Builder –

  7. Caroline says:

    Thanks Brian.
    Yes, I am planning on working through the videos shortly.
    But, it is always nice to have a hard copy handy when you need to check something up quickly.

    The Flash Builder & Flex Bible 4 book also seemed to be highly recommended. *Sigh*

    I guess I will just do what my 4 year old son does… “eenie meenie miny moe, catch that monkey by the toe..”

    Thanks for your advice.


  8. Congrats to the development team. I love Flash Builder!