Flex Tutorials for Data Access with Flash Builder

We’ve just updated the Flex Tutorials for Data Access with Flash Builder. In addition to making a few corrections to the original versions, we’ve included examples of using server-side typing.

The Data Management tutorial accesses employee data from the server. The new version of this tutorial illustrates both server-side and client-side typing to define the Employee data type.

With client-side typing, you use Flash Builder wizards to introspect the data on the server and define the Employee data type in client code. With server-side typing, server code defines the Employee data type.

Both PHP and ColdFusion let you define custom data types in server code. Flash Builder recognizes the custom data type during introspection of services. You do not have to walk through the wizard screens to configure the return data type.

Whether you use server-side or client-side typing is a developer preference. Server-side typing can help enforce data integrity on the server and simplify the Flash Builder workflow. Client-side typing simplifies the service coding while using Flash Builder to define the custom data types.

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