Context-sensitive language reference Help in Flash Builder

Context-sensitive language reference Help is not really a new feature in Flash Builder. However, we figured that several people were not aware of the ways in which you can access the ActionScript language reference and ASDoc content from within Flash Builder.

So, this post describes the ways in which you can quickly access the ActionScript API reference and the ASDoc content while writing code.

Display the ActionScript Language Reference in a swift keystroke

The Adobe ActionScript Language Reference is integrated into the MXML and ActionScript editors and lets you quickly view the reference Help for an MXML tag or property, a class, or a Flex framework element.

  1. In the MXML or ActionScript editor, select a Flex framework element (a word in your code) by highlighting or placing the mouse pointer in the word.
  2. To open the relevant ActionScript Language Reference topic directly in the Help viewer, press Shift+F2.
ActionScript Language Reference


Display ASDoc content in code hints, as a tool tip, and in the ASDoc view

Flash Builder displays ASDoc content in code hints, as a tool tip while hovering over a code element, and in the ASDoc view.

  1. Begin entering a line of code that contains either an MXML or ActionScript class. You can also hover over the class. As you type, ASDoc content for the class displays next to the code hints, as follows:

    ASDoc Code Hints

    ASDoc Code Hints

  2. If you hover over a class, just the ASDoc reference summary appears. To display the content in a separate, scrollable window, press F2.The ASDoc content is displayed as follows:
    ASDoc Content

    ASDoc Content

    When you finish reading the documentation, click outside the ASDoc window to close it.

  3. To display the complete ASDoc content in a dockable ASDoc view in Flash Builder, select Window > Show View > Other, and select ASDoc.A quicker way of displaying the ASDoc view is to press Ctrl+3, type asdoc, and select Views, as follows:
    ASDoc view

    ASDoc view

    Note: This feature supports user-generated ASDoc documentation. That is, you can document your custom components by adding ASDoc comments to the code that implements the components. The ASDoc comments are then available as code hints in the MXML and ActionScript editors.
    For more information on creating ASDoc comments for your source files, see ASDoc.

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