Workaround for Flash Builder & Zend installation problems (for Windows 7 64-bit edition)

Very recently, I was reviewing a tutorial for a Flex and PHP integration and ran into an issue in Flash Builder that got me stuck for a little while. I first installed Flash Builder for PHP and Zend (with phpMyAdmin) and load Zend with a sample database. I then created a Flex server (PHP) project and make a connection on my file with a PHP data service (select Data–> Connect to PHP from the menu bar). Going through the PHP service configuration wizard, I didn’t have an existing PHP class and asked Flash Builder to generate one instead. Using the login information from phpMyAdmin, I encounter the following error:

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The error is currently reported as a bug:  This issue only occurs in Windows 7 64-bit edition because under the C drive, Windows contains two program file folders: “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)”. Since Windows sets the default installation path for non-64-bit programs to be “C:\Program Files (x86)\”. Zend returns an error when it encounters the ” ( ” in the directory.

If you’re currently running into this issue, please uninstall Zend from your computer completely and follow the steps below.

  1. Install the latest version of Zend (currently version 5.5).
  2. In the installation wizard and when selecting a web server, be sure to specify your destination folder to be outside of “Program Files (x86)”. i.e. “C:\”.
  3. After installation, Flash Builder should be able to interact with Zend without any further issues.

Thiis issue has a number of variations, so please feel free to ask questions about this workaround.


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  1. Hi there.
    In my point of view, why you try to use Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC at (

    Inside these environment you can have your application server and you control I believe more practical way.

    best regards

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