Performance Improvements and New Features for Adobe ActionScript API Reference (ASDoc)

Use the ActionScript® 3.0 Reference for the Adobe® Flash® Platform as the API reference for many Adobe products, including Flash Player, AIR, and Flex. The November, 2011, release of the ActionScript Reference ( contains major performance improvements and other new features:

  • Refresh right-pane only on selection, instead of entire page. This feature improves page-load performance by implementing a right-pane only refresh on selection. This feature improves page-load times in the range of 25-50% (not available in all versions of IE).
  • Improved linking to Adobe User Guides. Reorganized the See Also sections into three areas – More Examples, Learn More, and Related API Elements. This reorganization makes it easier to find examples and usage information for a class or class element. For example, see the ViewNavigator class.
  • The Show Packages and Classes option is now the default to address a frequent customer request.
  • Fixes for issues associated with localization and translation.