Performance Improvements and New Features for Adobe ActionScript API Reference (ASDoc)

Use the ActionScript® 3.0 Reference for the Adobe® Flash® Platform as the API reference for many Adobe products, including Flash Player, AIR, and Flex. The November, 2011, release of the ActionScript Reference ( contains major performance improvements and other new features:

  • Refresh right-pane only on selection, instead of entire page. This feature improves page-load performance by implementing a right-pane only refresh on selection. This feature improves page-load times in the range of 25-50% (not available in all versions of IE).
  • Improved linking to Adobe User Guides. Reorganized the See Also sections into three areas – More Examples, Learn More, and Related API Elements. This reorganization makes it easier to find examples and usage information for a class or class element. For example, see the ViewNavigator class.
  • The Show Packages and Classes option is now the default to address a frequent customer request.
  • Fixes for issues associated with localization and translation.


5 Responses to Performance Improvements and New Features for Adobe ActionScript API Reference (ASDoc)

  1. Tink says:

    Will you be releasing this version of ASDocs with 4.6 for us to generate our own docs?

    • Stephen Gilson says:

      We won’t be releasing this version with 4.6. The hope is to release it with an upcoming release of the compiler.

  2. Terry Corbet says:

    Thanks for getting the Air 3.1 and FP 11.1 documentation posted, but I am very disappointed with the handling of the pre-release documentation that has become more and more important the more and more you are releasing over-lapping features. We have needed the Air 3.2 and PF 11.2 documentation for almost a month.

    When your product managers Blog about new features and you don’t provide the documentation, everyone loses. We lose, because we cannot develop, you lose because forums fill up with requests for information. Please get a consistent business practice in place for the beta path to documentation.