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Using the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 to Create Flex Containers

You use the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 to create Flex controls, containers, skins, and other assets in Flash CS3 Professional, and then import those assets into your Flex application. The documentation that is currently shipping with Flex Builder does not contain the information on how to create Flex containers. This article contains a documentation update with this information.

This documentation will also be included in the next beta release of Flex Builder.

Download the PDF: Importing Flash CS3 Assets into Flex

Importing SWF 9 Assets From Flash CS3 into Flex

The Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 lets you create interactive, animated content in Flash, and use it in Flex as a Flex component. These components work with Flex features such as view states and transitions, skinning, and tool tips. The content can be used as a child of a Flex container, or as a skin for any Flex component.

You can download and install the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3, and the associated documentation, from Adobe labs here.