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Spark skinning doc updated

The Spark skinning docs have been updated. They include sections on the skinning contract between Spark components and their skins, how to skin Spark components and containers, and how to package your custom skins as a library for distribution.

Please check out the new docs below and send feedback to me:


New Doc on Creating Flex Gumbo Components in ActionScript

Here is new documentation on creating Flex Gumbo components in ActionScript. This document is for those who want to override commitProperties(), partAdded(), partremoved(), or getCurrentSkinState(), or want to create custom states in their skin classes.

Download the PDF: Advanced Spark Visual Components in ActionScript


Stephen Gilson
Flex Doc Team

More Specs Available for Gumbo (the Next Version of Flex)

New specifications for Gumbo, the next version of Flex, are now available. Go to the Gumbo page of the Flex Open Source site to read, and comment on, the plans for Gumbo.

Of particular interest is the Skinning and SkinnableComponent spec, which is a must read for those interested in the new Gumbo framework. There also have been modifications to the Gumbo Architecture whitepaper.

Other new specs that are available include those for TrackBase, Range, Slider, and ScrollBar.

Documentation for the Flex Skin Design Extensions

This article describes how to create skins for Adobe Flex applications by using Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, and Adobe Fireworks CS3, and then import the skins into a Flex Builder project. To create skins, you must install the Flex Skin Design Extensions from Adobe Labs.

Download the PDF: Importing Skins into Flex Builder.