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Layout mirroring for Flex 4.1

The layout mirroring feature is part of the upcoming 4.1 release of the Flex SDK. If you are interested, you can take a look at the first draft of the documentation for this feature. There are two parts to this:

Documentation in an HTML file
Examples in a ZIP file

Any feedback is welcome!

Flex Tutorials for Data Access with Flash Builder

We’ve just updated the Flex Tutorials for Data Access with Flash Builder. In addition to making a few corrections to the original versions, we’ve included examples of using server-side typing.

The Data Management tutorial accesses employee data from the server. The new version of this tutorial illustrates both server-side and client-side typing to define the Employee data type.

With client-side typing, you use Flash Builder wizards to introspect the data on the server and define the Employee data type in client code. With server-side typing, server code defines the Employee data type.

Both PHP and ColdFusion let you define custom data types in server code. Flash Builder recognizes the custom data type during introspection of services. You do not have to walk through the wizard screens to configure the return data type.

Whether you use server-side or client-side typing is a developer preference. Server-side typing can help enforce data integrity on the server and simplify the Flash Builder workflow. Client-side typing simplifies the service coding while using Flash Builder to define the custom data types.

Extending Flash Builder

The documentation on Adobe Flash Builder Extensibility API Reference has been updated for Flash Builder 4 and is now available. The documentation also contains links to videos and examples that show how to extend Flash Builder.

Use Flash Builder Extensibility to customize Flash Builder according to your development needs. You can modify the behavior of Flash Builder and specify how custom controls appear in Flash Builder Components view and Properties view.

Using the Design View Extensions for Flex 4, you can now feature custom components with the Flash Builder native components. This allows you to enable features, such as drag and drop, for custom components.

Code Model and Design Model have been updated for Flash Builder 4. Design View Extensions Kit for Flex 4 is now public. This kit contains example projects that show how to incorporate custom components into Flash Builder.

There is also an Early Access version of DCD Extensibility. DCD Extensibility allows you to update Flash Builder data services tools to access additional services.

We need help with a Flex and AIR documentation usability study

Hi all,
Our friends on the Flash Platform documentation team are looking for usability study participants in a Flex/AIR study. They are offering Amazon gift certificates as an incentive.

For more information, see


Documentation for the Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 Beta Releases

Note: Flex 4 shipped on March 22, 2010.

The final version of the usage content is available at

The Platform Reference is available at ht

New Adobe Flex forums: tips and links

The Adobe user-to-user forums have switched over to a new underlying software system and there are a few new things to get used to. Here are some of the basics.

You should also read this post on Mylenium’s blog, which provides some additional tips and color commentary.

If you want to discuss the new forum software (rather than the Flex forum specifically), please do so using this forum, which was created for exactly this purpose.


new links and some navigation tricks

Each forum features an RSS feed. The web interface for the forum also sorts threads with recent activity to the top, and the titles are shown as bolder and darker for threads that have unread posts in them. You can navigate to the most recent post in a thread from the list of threads by clicking the “[some time] ago” text in the Last Post column.


disabling automatic flooding of your email inbox

Todd Kopriva answered a question about multiple email messages with a screenshot here.


forcing the forums to use the full width of the browser window

By default, the forum messages only take up a fixed, somewhat narrow part of the browser window. If you want to force the messages to take full advantage of the horizontal space available in a wide browser window, follow these instructions from forum host Andrew Yoole.


using the History navigation tools

If you spend a lot of time on several different forums, you might benefit from bookmarking this page: History page showing recently visited forums (If you haven’t visited any forums yet, or if you’re not signed in, that’s not going to be very useful.) This page gives you direct links to your favorite forums. Or, if you’re just on the Flex forums, then you could bookmark the main Flex page and use the subforum pod on the side.

Many thanks to Todd Kopriva for letting me crib his After Effects forums post.

New server for Flex 3 ASP.NET examples

This may not be as exciting for you as it is for us, but we just deployed, a new server that runs the server code for our ASP.NET examples on the Flex 3 Getting Started Experience. In addition to deploying the Exchanging Data and Working with Data server-side code, we updated the importable zip files on

To try this out:

  1. Download the Exchanging Data and Working with Data zip files.
  2. Import them into Flex Builder using File>Import>Flex Project.
  3. Open the ExchangeData_PlainText.mxml and ExchangeData_XML.mxml applications (exchanging data project) and the CRUD.mxml application (working with data project).
  4. Run the applications and review the asp directories to see the ASP.NET server-side code.

If you get a chance, please try this out and let me if you have any feedback.


BlazeDS doc updated

Updated LiveDocs HTML and PDF versions of the BlazeDS Developer Guide is available at:
This revised Developer Guide contains all of the content from the new LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Developer Guide that applies to BlazeDS.

Much of the documentation has been revised and reorganized, and there are completely new sections on:
Getting Started
– Introduction
– Building and deploying

– General architecture
– Channels and endpoints
– Managing session data

Flex 3 Beta 3 Documentation

Today, we released Flex 3 Beta 3 on Adobe Labs. Here is a summary of doc changes between Beta 2 and Beta 3:

  • Advanced DataGrid, OLAP DataGrid, advanced charting, and automation agents are now part of the Advanced Data Visualization Developer Guide. Advanced Data Visualization is available when you purchase Flex Builder 3 Professional, although a watermarked version is available in Flex Builder 3 Standard.
  • For the core Flex documentation, we reorganized the online table of contents to display information in a topic-oriented (as opposed to book-oriented) manner. Go to to see what I mean.
  • Of course, the big news is the release of BlazeDS. You can get more information at and Mike Peterson will be blogging about the docs later today.

Other than bug fixes, these are the final docs, so please let us know if you find any problems. In particular, we’re interested in non-functional context-sensitive help in Flex Builder. You can report bugs either by adding comments to this post or by using the public bugbase.

Useful/updated links for Beta 3

Bugs and known issues