Seeing the Entire Value

I’m sure many of you out there have run into problems with fields on printed forms where the value entered in the field was too long to fit within the field’s visible area. The result is a black “+” sign on the lower left corner of the field — not much help in reading the entire content when it’s printed and you can’t scroll anymore:

== ==

What if there was a way to configure the field so that the entered value’s font size would automatically shrink to fit the value within the field’s visible area (down to a certain limit)? Of course, it’s possible the text may end-up too small to read without a magnifying glass but the entire content would be printed nonetheless (as long as the minimum font size wasn’t hit):

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The trick here is to set the field’s *value* font to a size of zero (0) but it’s not as obvious as it may seem…

In Designer, there are two ways to do this:

The first is to use script in the field’s Initialize event (FormCalc in this case but JavaScript would do just fine too):

bc. $.font.size = “0pt”

The second is to use the Font palette. In this case, however, only the *value* font’s size may be set to zero. Attempting to set the font size for the caption (or the caption and value combined) to zero won’t work. To specify the *value* font only, use the _Selector_ widget at the top (highlighted in green on the image below) and pick the _Edit Value_ item. Then, set the font size to zero (highlighted in yellow).

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