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This blog has moved

Fellow Readers and Commenters,

I have finally completed the transition to my new WordPress blog: Stefan Cameron on Forms.

Thank you for being patient during the migration. The process took a little longer than I anticipated and I apologize if you’ve had to wait to ask me some questions.

This new installation will hopefully provide better performance as well as cut down on the inordinate amount of spam I was getting here (with no tools at my disposal to reduce it!). You will also find that each post now has its own comment feed so it should be easier for you to keep track of the posts that interest you and get notified when I answer a question you might have posted.

Porting to my new blog

Fellow Readers and Commenters,

In order to make it easier for me to manage my blog (thereby saving me valuable time so that I can keep replying to your comments and writing new posts), I’ve decided to move to my own blog service.

To make the transition quicker and to ensure I don’t miss any comments, I have now disabled commenting on all posts and will re-open commenting on my new blog once it is setup. I’ll do my very best to be back-up and running within the next few days.

I will post one more time here to announce the URL of my new blog.

While I’m busy working on this, you can always try the Adobe LiveCycle Designer Forums.

xForms to XFA Converter on Adobe Labs

Jeff Stanier recently posted an article on LiveCycle Product Blog announcing the availability of a utility for converting xForms into XFA forms for those who are currently using xForms but would like to "leverage Adobe’s presentation capabilities."

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Return to the Blog

Thank you all for your patience while I was away. I have finally weeded through hundreds of comments and have identified the real ones from the spam ones.

In order to be fair to everyone, I will be responding to comments in the order in which I received them. While it may take me a while to get to comments which were posted in the last few days, rest-assured that I will get to them eventually.

Away for the Holidays

Hello everyone,

I will be taking some vacation time for the next couple of weeks and therefore will not be responding to any comments during that time. Since comments are moderated (due to spam), they may not show-up until I check them over upon my return.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2007!


LiveCycle Blog and Google Group

I just got word of two excellent new resources for those of you interested in Designer and LiveCycle, whether you use LiveCycle Designer specifically or the Designer that ships with Acrobat:

Adobe Developer Week

I just got word of this *free* online event this week at “Adobe”:

Here’s the blurb:

bq. Join us to learn about the Adobe engagement platform, including Flex, and other Adobe technologies by attending “Adobe Developer Week”: This free, week-long event features live, online sessions presented by Adobe technology experts. See live demos and get your questions answered by the experts during interactive Q & A sessions. Register online at the “Adobe website”:

While there are lots of very interesting sessions, these are the ones I found, after a quick search, which are related to *LiveCycle*:

* “Increase Efficiencies by Automating Form-Based Processes”:
* “An Introduction to Adobe LiveCycle Workflow and QPAC Development”:
* “Building Applications Using LiveCycle and Flex”:

Don’t wait to sign-up for sessions — spots are limited and they’re going fast!

Who Am I?

You may recognize _FormBuilder_ as an alias for posting on the “Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.x forum”: . That would be me!

My name is Stefan Cameron. I’m a software developer at Adobe and I work on our LiveCycle Designer product.

This blog will be about designing forms using Designer. Unless specified, my posts will refer to the latest publicly-released versions of Designer and Acrobat. At the time of this post, that’s Designer 7.1 along with Acrobat 7.0.7.