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Designer Training at MAX

“Mike Potter”: will be giving a “training session”: on LiveCycle Designer at “Adobe MAX 2006”: next month.

As he prepares for his session, I’d like to give you an opportunity to influence what he’ll talk about so that his session is as valuable to you as possible:

* Are there specific features you’d like to see a demo for? Dynamic Subforms? Conditional Breaks? Data-Nominated Subforms? Data Binding?
* Should he talk about form design methods like why and when to use repeating (dynamic) subforms, how to validate your form prior to submission, etc.?
* Anything else?

Not Just Flash, Flex and Dreamweaver!

Have you seen “Mike Potter’s LiveCycle @ MAX Google Calendar”: ? It’s a great way to see all the “LiveCycle”: -related sessions being offered at the “Adobe MAX 2006”: conference this year.

I think many people still think or expect that MAX is still all about the former Macromedia products such as “Flash”:, “Flex”: and “Dreamweaver”: While there’s still lots of focus on those really cool applications, Adobe has added a whole slew of sessions on LiveCycle products such as “Designer”:, “Workflow”:, “Forms”: and even a preview of what we’ve got in store for “LiveCycle 8”:!

Adobe MAX 2006

Adobe has “just released”: details about “Adobe MAX 2006”:, along with “schedules and track information”:

Where does “Designer”: fit in all this? You’ll find a whole track on Adobe’s “LiveCycle products”:, including a hands-on session on Designer, on the “LiveCycle Track Agenda”:

Make sure you “register”: early. This is an event not to be missed!