Blog Topic List

This week went by too quickly.  Just as I was getting caught up from last week’s email it’s time to go again. Yep, I’m on vacation again next week.  Hoping for just a little less rain this time. 

In the mean time, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the blog topics I have on the backburner. 

  1. A closer look at script objects: Explain how script objects work internally.
  2. Coding style guide: I am interested in improving the readability of JavaScript code.  What can we do in terms of object/variable/function naming and general form organization to make our forms easy to grok by others.
  3. Multiple records: Did you know you can have multiple data records in your PDF?
  4. DataDescription Deep Dive: When you base your form on an XML schema or sample data we generate a data description.  The data description used at runtime to format instance data correctly.
  5. Enhancements to debugger, lintcheck: Since I’ve put these samples out I’ve been collecting a list of enhancements and bug fixes.  Just need time to implement them.
  6. Form/Fragment Version Control: When I distribute a sample, I need a way to be able to let you know when an update is available.  I’d like to have a mechanism where the form can "phone home" to discover updates.  I bet some of you have similar issues with forms you distribute to your users.
  7. Working with rich text: rawValue, saveXML(), non-standard <span> attributes, editing rich text with E4X, controlling tab stops and page breaks dynamically
  8. Debugging Performance Issues: Got a form that draws too slowly?  It’s not always easy to discover why.
  9. Locale support: XFA has terrific support for multiple locales.  Explore how you can tap into this capability.
  10. Table Joins in your data: How do you cope when your XML data has id references to other elements and you want to "join" between those "rows"?
  11. My experience

This isn’t the full set of topics, but it will do for now.  What looks interesting to you?  Are there topics you’d like to see covered that are not on this list?  Let me know.